Wondering About Prosthetic Breast Surgery

By | 17 February 2021


The perception of beauty has different meanings today, and different applications and demands that are shaped by perception arise.

Different Understanding of Beauty From Past to Present
The desire of individuals to look aesthetically beautiful has been a desired and sought-after feature for many years. Individuals were evaluated in different patterns to be described as beautiful in general and different structural features were sought according to their periods. While certain women first appeared as the beauty perception of the 19th century, women with full hips were regarded as beautiful in previous periods. Although the perception of beauty varies according to the cultural structure of the period, it is generally formed by highlighting a region. While this perception, which is valid in facial features and structure, caused women without eyebrows to be considered beautiful between the 15th and 16th centuries, it varied according to many different structural features, from women with small mouths to women with long necks. Unlike these perceptions, today’s perception of beauty has emerged by the golden ratio and is shaped by the compatibility of all errors rather than a part of the body. Today, when it is important to have proportionality of the body lines, the curved body is also one of the important beauty elements. Also, a pencil eyebrow and a smooth nose on the face are among the elements that make the profile look more positive in terms of the first appearance. According to this understanding of beauty, the most preferred method of individuals who want to gain different looks is aesthetic surgery operations. Individuals can obtain beautiful looks that they cannot achieve as a result of diet and exercise-like practices they have tried, thanks to aesthetic operations in a short time. Prosthetic breast surgery, one of these methods, is among the most preferred operations.
What is Prosthetic Breast Surgery?
It emerges as a method that individuals prefer to have a healthier and more beautiful appearance of the breast form due to the deterioration of the breast forms or congenital or subsequent deterioration. Problems that individuals will encounter can be addressed as follows.

  • Sudden growth and shrinkage after pregnancy. This situation emerges as a do run due to the production of different hormonal secretions during pregnancy and the individuals undergoing different biological changes in the body.
  • Sudden growth and shrinkage after breastfeeding. Breasts that grow with the opening of the milk ducts in the post-pregnancy period grow and shrink according to the fullness of the breast during the day, which causes sagging, and the breasts begin to shrink with the end of the breastfeeding period and the closure of the milk ducts, and it causes both sagging and shrinkage in this period.
  • Growth shrinkage due to sudden weight gain and loss. The biological change that the body goes through in the process of losing weight after sudden weight gain due to some biological diseases or drug use or the individual’s excessive fatty diet causes the form of the breasts to deteriorate and change.
  • Genetically sourced breast form not reaching enough maturity. Some diseases cause the breast form to be away from the natural appearance. Genetically inherited disorders cause the natural growth process of the breast to be affected and the breast structure not to form naturally, which causes the breast form to be smaller than expected.

Disruption of the breast form as a result of an accident and similar diseases. In case of breast form deterioration due to breast injuries or similar conditions, individuals prefer to have prosthetic breast surgery to change the form of their breasts.

This and many other individuals feel the need to undergo breast aesthetic surgery to increase their self-confidence and have a more aesthetic appearance. In such cases, it is seen that individuals resort to plastic surgery preferences with the end of the formation process of breast forms. Individuals who experience new growth due to adolescence are not taken into this surgery because the individual has not completed the natural growth process. Prosthetic breast surgery, which covers the period after the breast reaches full maturity, also does not find it appropriate for individuals who will be affected by the substances in the surgical application and elderly individuals to undergo this surgery. Individuals comply with these criteria, and it will be possible for you to gain a more aesthetic and healthier appearance thanks to the surgery to be performed on the beach. This application, which is effective in increasing the self-confidence of individuals, also makes individuals look more beautiful and attractive by gaining a healthy appearance. Thanks to this application, the individual will have a healthier and fuller appearance as well as psychological relief.

How Is Prosthetic Breast Surgery Performed?

Prosthetic breast surgery, which is a method applied to the individual to have a healthier and more beautiful breast profile, is a method preferred by individuals who are not satisfied with the size of the breast after trying different methods. To enlarge the breasts that have shrunk due to sagging, a natural appearance is achieved by using the sagging tissue during augmentation, but if the natural filling of the individual is not suitable for augmentation, the individual will undergo prosthetic breast surgery to improve the appearance with silicone filling application instead of the natural filling. This application, which is used in different applications, not only helps the breasts to have a more elegant and beautiful appearance, but also helps the breast form to achieve its natural appearance. During prosthetic breast surgery, a small cat is created in the sub-breast area of ​​the patient and the filling is placed and after this event, the patient has the opportunity to have a larger breast.

What Should Be Considered and Avoided After Surgery?

Prosthetic breast surgery is a serious surgical application and some factors should be considered before and after. The diet determined by the doctor should be applied before the application and the metabolic activities should be minimized and the body should be adapted more easily during the surgery. The surgery to be performed after the implementation of such instructions varies according to the structure of the individual and the system to be applied. It is allowed to consume liquid food six hours after the operation to restore body balance. This time. Afterward, the individual is discharged after being kept under surveillance at the hospital for one day and is requested to comply with some guidelines. The individual, who needs to use a sports bra for a long time after the operation, helps his body in the process of getting used to the new form of the chest with the sports bra, while at the same time ensuring that his body is safe. Thanks to the sports bra, it is ensured that postoperative pain is reduced and at the same time, it is also provided to assist in the process of removing edema caused by surgery. Edema, which is discharged for different periods of time depending on the physical structure of the individual, is an element that the individual should pay attention to after the surgery. The individual can return to his daily life within a week after the surgery, but should not do sports that include net movements. An individual who can easily take a shower at the end of a week should avoid sports activities for 8 weeks and should not make similar harsh movements. If the individual pays attention to these issues, approximately 4-6 will have your new look.