What is Jawline filler?

By | 22 March 2021

What is Jawline filler?

Filling materials can be used to eliminate some problems in the jawline. The jawline filler can be made clear, a more aesthetic appearance can be given to the jaw contour, and some asymmetries can be removed.

What is Jawline?

The jawline is a term used to describe the lateral part of the jaw. It can also be expressed in the form of the jawline.

The prominence of this line gives a sense of youth and beauty. It is aesthetically important that the jaw tip, jawbone corner, and the area between them can be distinguished from the neck. The jawline can occur in many different ways. The structure of the jawbone, teeth, muscles, fat pads, and soft tissues affects the appearance of the jawline. Problems in the jaw area should be evaluated carefully, it should be checked whether procedures such as orthodontic treatment and maxillofacial surgery are required before filling injections.

Is jawline filling permanent?

Temporary fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used for jawline filling. The permanence of the fillers is an average of 1 year. This period may be longer or shorter depending on personal factors. It is useful to evaluate thoroughly that it should be repeated at regular intervals before jawline filling – as in all other temporary fillings.

How is Jawline filling applied?

Filling procedures should be applied under sterile conditions by a qualified and experienced physician. The tip of the chin is applied to the area where the jawbone is opened and the line in between, usually with thin cannulas. It is a frequent procedure for an average of 30 minutes. Edema and rarely bruising can be seen in the application area after the procedure.

Who is Jawline filling applied to?

People under the age of 40 who have a mild developmental disorder in the jawbone and do not have an abnormality in the tooth structure are more suitable for jawline filling. Jawline filling is not suitable for the jaw contour disorder caused by the soft tissues accumulating on the jawline with age. In men, jawline filling can give better results by creating a sharper jawline. It should be kept in mind that some women may create a slightly masculine appearance depending on the facial structure.

Do not forget that better results are obtained in patients who are suitable for aesthetic procedures. The most important step is patient selection.