What is Anti-Aging?

By | 18 March 2021

Anti-aging can be translated as “Against Aging”. İt applications have become an important part of preventive medicine, as the elderly population is increasing day by day in our country as well as all over the world. The purpose of anti-aging applications is to renew the skin tissue and connective cells, to rearrange hormonal imbalances separately in men and women, to increase sexual power and health, to provide early diagnosis and treatment against diseases that may occur as a result of aging. In summary, the goal of anti-aging applications is to prevent diseases that may occur as a result of aging, to prevent loss of strength, and to stay young for a longer time.

What are the factors causing aging?

According to these scientific studies, the internal and external factors that cause aging are: the emergence of free radicals, increased glycosylation, decreased hormones, unhealthy and sedentary life, smoking, stress, poor quality of life, unhealthy diet. Against this, the defense mechanisms developed by the body are as follows: Apoptosis, DNA repair, strengthening of the immune system, presence of the longevity gene, exercise, good and quality living conditions, diet, healthy life, anti-aging vitamins, and nutritional supplements.

What is a free radical?

Oxidative stress (reactive oxygen derivatives with modern terminology) caused by free radicals in our body is the most important and main cause of aging.

The oxygen that enters the body while breathing causes the formation of harmful substances called free radicals, which have lost their electrons. Free radicals combine with the tissues they find, making them unable to function. This effect starts at the age of 30, progresses increasingly in the 40s, and causes aging and many diseases that are noticed dramatically from the 50s.

But how lucky we are that our bodies have defense mechanisms against the damage that free radicals can cause. These are antioxidant enzymes, low molecular weight antioxidants, and nutrients, that is, substances that the body takes readily from outside.

Why is antioxidant therapy necessary?

An antioxidant treatment, first of all, is necessary to protect and strengthen the defense mechanisms of the body against free radicals. If the antioxidant enzyme systems in our body are insufficient due to external effects (smoking, breathing polluted air, toxic load accumulated by stress), aging accelerates.

What is an anti-aging check-up?

The purpose of the anti-aging check-ups is to determine the health conditions of our organs and to determine whether the antioxidant defense mechanisms of our body are strong enough. Because if our organs are not completely healthy, our antioxidant defense mechanism will remain weak. Another purpose of an anti-aging check-up is to reveal whether the person is eating properly. For this reason, vitamin and mineral levels, cholesterol, triglyceride, etc. levels are checked. Hormone changes and endocrine disorders in our body accelerate aging. For this purpose, the hormone levels of the person are also determined in the Anti-aging check-up.

What is hormonal therapy?

Another of the most important factors of aging is hormonal imbalances that occur in the body over time. For example, scientific studies have shown that aging is accelerated in deficiencies of human growth hormone (HGH), dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-SO4), testosterone, melatonin, and estrogen hormones. In particular, the level of human growth hormone (HGH) decreases to 1/5 of the level in youth, and therefore the cells age. In adults, as a result of human growth hormone deficiency, weight gain, fat gain, decrease in muscle mass, decrease in exercise capacity, decrease in muscle strength, weakening of heart activity, weakening of the bone structure, sleep disturbances and a general feeling of well-being are seen. IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1), on the other hand, is the active metabolite of human growth hormone secreted from the brain that is transformed in the liver and allows us to evaluate the level of growth hormone in the body in blood tests.

How is anti-aging done with the stimulation made to the body?

In recent years, one of the most important mechanisms of aging is the deficiency of the body’s ability to repair and repair itself, and new treatment methods have been tried to be developed, based on the argument that it has difficulty in maintaining the balance of the body with aging. For this purpose, it is desired to take advantage of the stress response of gene regulation by exposing cells and organisms to short-term stress. In short, the self-repair ability of the body is constantly stimulated with harmless little warnings, and gene regulation is increased. These are called homes. For example, there are many home methods such as heat shock, irradiation (UV, gamma, x-ray), exercise, alcohol, acetyl aldehyde, heavy metals, pro-oxidants, and calorie restriction.