What are the First Pregnancy and Pregnancy Symptoms?

By | 18 February 2021

Pregnancy is a 9-month period for the development of the fetus, which is formed by the fertilization of the sperm from the male and the eggs discharged from the woman’s ovaries. So what are the first pregnancy symptoms? What should first-time mothers candidates pay attention to? What should you do to get pregnant? We have collected the answers to all these questions and more for you. If you too want to calculate it and are curious about pregnancy symptoms, read on.

What Should You Do If You Want to Get Pregnant?

Don’t Stress
It is necessary to relax a little and wait for a certain period of time, the healthiest one year, for pregnancy to occur. Stressing about pregnancy tests and obsessing about pregnancy delays pregnancy.

What are the Symptoms of Early Pregnancy?

Because pregnancy and pre-menstrual symptoms are very similar, some women may experience signs of pregnancy on their bodies in the first few days after ovulation. However, it is difficult to say that this is a certain pregnancy.

Menstrual Delay

Menstrual delay is the most certain of pregnancy symptoms. Normally, a woman who has regular periods will receive a pregnancy test when her period is delayed. Because this is the surest symptom.

Excessive Current

Due to the estrogen hormone secreted intensively after pregnancy, women may have excessive discharge. The fact that this discharge is white, transparent, sometimes pink, or brown can be a sign of pregnancy.

Tenderness in Breasts

If your breast hurts when you touch it, if your nipples are wide and dark in color, it is a sign of pregnancy. In fact, the bubbles around the chest grow and it looks as if you have goosebumps from the cold.

Often using the toilet

If you are getting up to the toilet more often than usual recently, even at not midnight, this may be a sign of early pregnancy.


The fertilized egg that settles in the uterine wall 5-10 days after fertilization causes bleeding in women close to the menstrual period. Women can confuse this with menstrual bleeding, but it is not in the color of menstrual blood, but a light to dark pink color.

Sensitivity to Smell

If smells that you were not bothered with before making you uncomfortable, if smells that do not come to anyone’s nose cause exaggerated reactions, you may be experiencing the first symptoms of pregnancy.


Fatigue can also be one of the first signs of pregnancy as your body is making extreme efforts to adapt to pregnancy. If you want to sleep all the time and can’t even move your fingers, this could be a sign of early pregnancy.


Nausea, known as one of the first signs of pregnancy, causes women to take a pregnancy test immediately. While some experience these symptoms from the first week, others start after the 2nd or 3rd week. The pregnancy symptom, commonly known as morning sickness, can be experienced at any time of the day.


This condition, which is confused with premenstrual swelling, can be considered as one of the pregnancy symptoms.

Body temperature

Pregnant women are 1 degree warmer than their normal body temperature. This condition continues throughout pregnancy and is one of the symptoms of pregnancy.