Milk Jam Benefits

By | 18 February 2021

Milk jam is a very healing type of food obtained by boiling milk for a long time. When you say jam, an unhealthy, high-calorie dessert comes to mind. However, the benefits of milk jam are too many to count.

What Are The Benefits Of Milk Jam?

Milk Jam Jam, which has been made in our country since ancient times, is also loved and consumed in America, Chile, Latin countries, and Europe. It is highly preferred in breakfast and tea time menus. It is commonly used to decorate desserts and is known as milk caramel.

Approximately 250-300 grams of milk jam comes out of a kilo of milk. The cooking time takes 3-4 hours. White milk is reduced by boiling on very low heat and turns dark caramel. Milk jam refers to the essence of milk. The milk is reduced by boiling and its essence remains. This part is very valuable in terms of calcium and vitamins. The amount of calcium in milk jam is not found in any dairy product.

Milk jam is unique for bone and dental health. Milk jam is a unique source of phosphorus. Since it prevents osteoporosis, it is a food that people of advanced age should definitely eat. It is a food store that should especially be eaten by children in development age. It is very delicious and must be at the breakfast table.

Milk Jam is rich in vitamins A, C, D, B6 among its benefits. Too much sodium, potassium, protein, magnesium, cobalamin. This food, which is extremely healthy and contains the essence of milk, should be found in your home instead of ready-made sweets. It should be preferred instead of ready-made sauces. It should be used in breakfasts instead of Çokokrem.

How to Make Milk Jam?

  • 1 kg of milk
  • 1 tea glass of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda

While open-weight milk is preferred for milk jam, it can also be made from boxed milk purchased from markets. Preferably, the fact that it is fatty milk makes the jam much faster. Since the milk jam is cooked very puffy, a large pot should be chosen that is deep and does not hold the bottom. The milk is put in a pot and after it is cooked well, sugar is added to it. After the sugar melts, a teaspoon of baking soda is added and mixed, and cooked. Milk with baking soda is cooked by rising. The milk should be mixed occasionally and the bottom should be prevented. The jam that starts to thicken is cut down and mixed intermittently.

As the jam gets darker, its color begins to turn yellow and take on a brown appearance. The bottom is covered after the darkness is boza or molasses. Since it will get much darker after it cools, it should not be too dark. Cooked jam is placed in jars hot and the mouth is closed. When it reaches room temperature, it is put in the refrigerator. It has a caramel flavor.

  • Milk Jam Types
  • with walnut
  • Cocoa
  • Chocolate
  • nut
  • Mastic
  • Pine nut

When the milk jam is cooked, walnuts, pine nuts, or hazelnuts are ground into it and boiled for a while. With this shape, they all have a much different flavor. The jam with hazelnuts has the same flavor as hazelnut paste. Cocoa or chocolate is added to the cooked jam and cooked for a while. With this shape, it has very good taste. Although milk jam has been made since ancient times, it is mentioned and made very often nowadays. Jam, which is very easy to make, is used as a sweetener in many products.

Where Is Milk Jam Used?

  • It can be used as a sauce over ice cream. Especially on summer days, it goes well with ice cream as a caramel sauce.
  • It can be spread on bread for breakfast.
  • Cake and muffins can be decorated with milk caramel. It is used as an undercoat instead of cream.
  • It can be poured on top of cookies and pies.
  • It is used as a sweetener in addition to coffee.
  • How Long Is Milk Jam Stored?

Milk jam can be stored in the refrigerator for months. Even if the cover is opened, it can remain in the refrigerator for at least 6 months without anything. It is durable because it can be stored for months without anything. Milk jam benefits are immense. It is especially effective on developing children. It gives vigor to the body in combating diseases.

Milk jam that strengthens memory is an energy store. It increases the appetite of people who have no appetite. It is a type of food especially preferred by those who do sports. It is a useful product that people who want something sweet should prefer to unhealthy products. Milk jam, which is healthy and beneficial, is also very tasty. It must be in every home because it is easy to make, durable, and healthy.