What are the benefits of coconut oil?

By | 18 February 2021

Coconut is the fruit of one of the palm species in the palm family. This fruit, which grows in tropical climates, is highly fibrous and nutritious. Although it grows in tropical regions, coconut is one of the fruits that are loved and consumed all over the world. It can be consumed in desserts and cake decorations in pieces, in vegan nutrition and dessert making in coconut milk, and as a fruit in its natural form. However, the use of pure coconut oil alone, although it has been included in the composition of products in the cosmetic industry for many years, has become very popular recently. Due to its positive effects on hair, nails and skin, coconut oil can be preferred alone or in combination with different ingredients for care purposes. It is also suitable for use in desserts and some dishes. Thanks to its pleasant aroma, it provides a nice taste and aroma, especially when used in milk desserts, it provides advantages in terms of both taste and health. Here are all you need to know about coconut oil and its benefits.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is one of the herbal products that have seen a huge increase in popularity, especially in the last five years. It is possible to find coconut oil in jars in both supermarkets and cosmetics stores. In addition, when you look at the content of ready-made foods and snacks sold in packaged form, you can see that some of them contain coconut. Especially in cereal bars and sweet snacks, foods such as coconut flavored wafers are likely to contain coconut oil. Coconut oil produced from coconut under factory conditions with special devices can actually be easily obtained under home conditions. It is possible to obtain a natural coconut oil when the shelled coconut pieces are dried in the sun or on a low oven setting and then passed through a juicer. The most important reason for the popularity of coconut in recent years is its health benefits. Coconut oil, which contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as a significant amount of some beneficial plant ingredients, contains many beneficial elements in concentrated form, except fiber, which coconut contains as a fruit. Due to these properties, it is included in the content of many shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and moisturizing cosmetic products. In addition, due to its positive effects on the body, it can be applied both superficially to the skin and hair and can be consumed by adding it to foods.

Many types of fruit contain high carbohydrates. But most of the coconut consists of oil. For this reason, it is a very suitable fruit to obtain oil. It is also a good source for B group vitamins and some mineral types. 1 cup (100 grams) of raw coconut contains 354, the same amount of dried coconut contains 650 kcal of energy. 100 grams of raw coconut contains 3 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbohydrate, 9 grams of fiber and 75% of the daily requirement of manganese mineral. It also contains significant minerals such as magnesium, copper, selenium and phosphorus. Most of the fat in coconut consists of medium-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids, which are vegetable-derived saturated fats, are absorbed faster than long-chain fatty acids and are used for energy gain. Due to this feature, there are some scientific studies supporting that the use of coconut oil in obese patients makes it easier to lose weight compared to other types of fat.

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

Coconut is a natural product that has been known and used for many years with its benefits. Some of the benefits it provides can be listed as follows:

  • Positively Affect Hair Health
    One of the biggest benefits of coconut is that it improves hair health. Coconut oil, which helps hair to have a shinier and healthier appearance, can be used as a hair care product or a hair mask. Coconut oil, which helps to remove the dull and dull appearance of the hair, is also effective in strengthening the scalp.
  • Helps Beautify the Skin
    In some scientific studies, it has been concluded that the application of coconut oil on the skin strengthens the skin’s protective barriers and reduces inflammation. For this reason, it can be recommended to use coconut oil as a care in terms of beautifying and moisturizing the skin, protecting it from damaging factors such as UV rays and combating skin problems such as acne and dryness.
  • Contains Powerful Antioxidants
    Many plant-derived phenolic components that act as antioxidants in the human body are found in coconut oil. These components such as gallic acid, salicylic acid, coumaric acid, caffeic acid neutralize free radicals in the body and reduce oxidative stress. Therefore, coconut oil; It is effective in protecting the body and skin against negativities such as damage, cancer, stress.
  • Protects Against Fungal Infections
    Some scientific studies have shown that the fungus Candida Albicans, which is responsible for a significant portion of fungal infections, is sensitive to coconut oil. Although the reason is not known yet, it is emphasized that this effect may be due to the strengthening of the skin’s protective barriers or its anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is thought that coconut oil can be effective in preventing C. Albicans infection.
  • Supports Heart Health
    In addition to the above benefits, another point that must be noted is that coconut oil can have negative effects when consumed in excess, just like other oils. It is a known fact that excessive consumption of fat causes problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, while meeting the daily oil requirement, some of the preferred oils should be replaced with coconut oil.

How to use coconut oil?

Coconut oil can be used in meals and desserts just like any other oil. When used in meals, coconut oil should be used in small amounts, and consumption should not be excessive. In addition, products of known and reliable brands should be preferred, and coconut oils, which are not only for maintenance purposes but can be consumed, should be purchased. People who want to consume coconut oil and have any health problems should consult their physicians before starting consumption. In addition to these, coconut oil can also be used for care purposes such as applying to the skin and nails. Especially coconut oil is often included in hair masks because of its benefits to hair. However, it can be used alone or mixed with different healthy vegetable oils as a hair mask. Coconut is a natural product that has been known and used for many years with its benefits to the skin. In particular, natural cosmetics containing coconut oil can be used to moisturize the skin and give it a soft, vibrant appearance. Coconut oil is a care product that can be preferred for the whole body, except for its benefits for the face. It is also very effective in preventing stretch marks, softening and moisturizing the skin.

If you want to use coconut oil to care for your skin, nails or hair or add it to your meals, choose from the products of known and trusted brands that are approved by food or health authorities. However, you can live a much healthier life by paying attention to healthy eating and regular exercise and having regular health checks.