What are the benefits of cinnamon?

By | 19 February 2021

What Are the Benefits of Cinnamon?

Cinnamon, which offers a common use for many foods and beverages from desserts to dishes and even herbal teas, is a valuable type of spice that is also very beneficial for health. In addition to its use for flavor purposes, it is included in the food group, which is also called functional foods and can be used as a supplement for health promotion. It is especially included in many dessert recipes as a flavoring. Although they have very important benefits, many functional foods are not preferred because they are tasteless and difficult to consume; It also attracts attention with its cinnamon flavor. Cinnamon, which has been used in the treatment of diseases such as cough, sore throat, and arthritis since the Middle Ages, is a valuable spice known to be effective in preventing many diseases today. Cinnamon, which is often the subject of scientific research in terms of its benefits and its many positive effects has been proven by research, is among the types of foods that individuals who want to protect their health should consume regularly.

Cinnamon, which is frequently used in Turkish cuisine, is a spice that is famous for its taste, but its benefits are not known enough. With the effect of scientific research in recent years and especially the discovery of its benefits on diabetes, cinnamon has started to be preferred by those who care about their health. In particular, the benefits of cinnamon sticks come to the fore on many platforms due to their positive effects on diabetes patients. Also, it brings many positive effects such as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, protection from diseases related to the brain and nervous system, and protection from cancer. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of cinnamon.

1.High Antioxidant Content

Cinnamon is one of the spice types with the highest antioxidant content. Being among the most powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenol, and phenolic acid is abundant in cinnamon. These components protect cells against oxidative damage by preventing the formation of free radicals in the body. In this way, it provides important protection against almost all types of cancer. Also, thanks to its high antioxidant content, it delays aging, protects against infectious diseases, and helps reduce stress. Its antioxidant properties are high enough to act as a natural food preservative.

2.Protects Against Infections

One of the positive effects of cinnamon on the body is that it reduces inflammation. This is why cinnamon has been used since ancient times in the treatment of bronchitis and in the cure of chronic coughs. Thanks to the bioactive components it contains cinnamon; fights infections in the body caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. By strengthening the immune system, it helps the body fight against diseases more strongly. It is also very effective in preventing damage to the body due to these infections. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it contributes to the prevention of the damage that the disease may cause in the body, especially in chronic diseases, and also helps to increase the success rate in the treatment process.

3.Fights Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

The disease group that causes the most deadly in the world is cardiovascular diseases. Among the risk factors in the development of this disease group, also known as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes is the second most important reason after genetic predisposition. Cinnamon is a miracle food that provides important protection against these two chronic diseases. One of the most well-known health benefits of cinnamon is that it helps to lower blood sugar. According to scientific researches, it has been determined that 1 gram of cinnamon consumption per day leads to positive changes in blood parameters in Type 2 diabetes patients. In this way, cinnamon helps balance blood sugar in diabetic patients and prevents the development of insulin resistance in healthy individuals. At the same time, cinnamon helps balance cholesterol. Cinnamon, which helps to lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels and to raise HDL cholesterol known as good cholesterol, provides great protection against both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases when consumed regularly. Cinnamon, which also has effects on lowering blood pressure, helps to keep blood pressure under control in hypertensive patients.

4. Protects From Neurodegenerative Diseases

One of the most important benefits of cinnamon is that it slows the progression and calms the disease in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In some scientific studies, it has been observed that regular cinnamon consumption inhibits the production of tau protein in the brain, which is thought to play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it protects against Parkinson’s disease by protecting motor sensory activities and the health of neurons and helps to calm the disease in existing patients. It supports cognitive functions, strengthens memory, and increases sensitivity to environmental influences.

5. Supports Milk Production in Nursing Mothers

Cinnamon is one of the spice types that breastfeeding mothers can safely use. Some scientific studies suggest that cinnamon consumption is associated with increased milk production. Cinnamon, which has important effects in eliminating skin problems during pregnancy, increases skin elasticity when consumed regularly, prevents the formation of cracks, helps to heal skin rash, irritation, and infection problems. Although it is a spice that can be used safely in breastfeeding mothers, mothers who have just started consuming cinnamon should follow their babies for a few days against possible allergy risks that may arise from all foods, and if they experience any side effects, they should stop consumption and consult a doctor.

6.Aids in Weight Loss

Cinnamon, a nutrient that can be safely consumed by those who want to lose weight or maintain their form, prevents hunger and sweet crises by ensuring a balanced blood sugar. In this way, it makes it easier to lose weight. It regulates the digestive system, helps prevent constipation and bloating problems. By keeping foods in the stomach longer, it prolongs the feeling of satiety obtained after meals. All of this helps increase the success rate of people who follow a diet. Despite all these benefits of cinnamon, which has a lot of positive effects on health, its calorie content is very low. For this reason, it can be used safely by everyone, including dieters.

How should Cinnamon be consumed?

Cinnamon can be used as a flavoring in meals and desserts. Also, to make the most of the positive effects, you can brew cinnamon in hot water close to boiling for 5 minutes to prepare your tea and consume one cup a day. Another use option of cinnamon to benefit from its benefits and pain-reducing effects on the skin is cinnamon oils, which are easily available in the market. Cinnamon oil, which is obtained from known and trusted brands, can be applied to problem areas of the skin in small amounts and once a day. Also, cinnamon oil can be massaged into the painful area to relieve back and waist pain. Although it has few side effects, those with chronic diseases, drug users, and people with allergic reactions should consult their physicians before starting to consume cinnamon regularly. If it is stated by the physician that there is no obstacle to cinnamon consumption, these people can start consuming cinnamon as a spice, brewing tea, or using its oil.

If you want to benefit from the positive effects mentioned above, you can start using the stick or powdered cinnamon in your meals from the vendors you know and trust, you can prepare your tea and consume a cup every day.