By | 4 April 2021


In this article, we will briefly focus on the issues of the right known wrongs about acupuncture that are thought to be true in our society, but which are completely wrong in terms of acupuncture science.

1-Earring is worn in acupuncture (FALSE):

The right one; What is meant by the practice called earring, as the people call it, is “permanent ear needle”; This practice has not been practiced for about ten years. In scientific studies, it has been determined that permanent needles placed in the ear completely destroy the receptors at the acupuncture points, and therefore the stimulation from the receptors cannot be initiated at the desired level. The application has been abandoned.

2-A seed is placed in the ear in acupuncture treatment (FALSE):

The right one; There has never been a seed application in acupuncture science, and it has never even come to the fore. It is completely fictitious and has no scientific value.

3-Acupuncture is applied once a week or once every two weeks (WRONG):

The right one; In the treatment of any disease (including weight therapy! ..), acupuncture is not applied once a week or every two weeks. The frequency of application in the treatment is at least 2 or 3 times a week. This frequency of treatment is required to produce clinical effects.

4- Acupuncture is effective in weight and smoking cessation treatment (INCOMPLETE INFORMATION):

Acupuncture offers a very effective treatment for hundreds of diseases that currently cannot be treated by drugs, apart from these two important diseases, namely weight and smoking cessation treatments. You can find a broader list of these diseases in the “TREATMENTS” section of our site (Note: The diseases we list in this section. It is only a part of the list published by the World Health Organization; common diseases in our country have been written). It is successfully applied in many diseases such as migraine, muscle tension headaches, asthma, waist-neck hernias, allergic diseases, depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, peeing at night in children, sleep disorders, pregnancy nausea-vomiting, constipation, joint calcifications, etc. In recent years, IVF treatment and infertility have also been added to this list.

To give the acupuncture scientist the value it deserves, to give the patients the necessary value. To use the original medicines that Allah placed in us while creating us; will provide great savings opportunities to both our own economy and the national economy in the long term. Above all, since acupuncture treatment is completely side-effect-free, it will not harm our body….