Stomach and Intestinal gases, Indigestion

By | 1 March 2021


Stomach and Intestinal gases, Indigestion

Healthy people’s gastric juice is acidic. However, after the age of 40, stomach acid begins to decrease. The decrease in stomach acid leads to the formation of harmful bacteria and fungi in the stomach. The pests that occur cause increased pathogenic bacteria communities in the intestines by passing from the stomach to the intestines. Also, consider taking anti-acid medication uncontrollably as a habit.

As the acid structure in the stomach decreases, harmful bacteria increase in the stomach and intestinal system. The loss of beneficial microorganisms in the stomach and intestines causes an increase in stomach and intestinal gas. Also, it causes an increase in many diseases such as diabetes, goiter, rheumatism, cognitive dysfunction, eczema, which we call autoimmune.

Foods that help the stomach and intestinal system;

1-Ginger is known to regulate stomach acid, eliminate nausea and vomiting problems, and aid digestion.

2-Okra; It helps the intestines and especially the stomach to work regularly.

3-Fennel; It is among the herbs that balance stomach acid. Especially tea has acid balancing properties.

4-Potatoes; Its therapeutic properties are endless for stomach ailments. It can be used in meals, as well as mashed or squeezed raw.

Many foods regulate stomach acid, besides

1- It is necessary to treat internal organs manually, which we call visceral manual therapy. This method increases the blood flow to the internal organs and stimulates the nervous system.

2- Diluting essential oils such as musk sage with sweet almond oil and massaging the abdomen,

3- Medical lavender, Lavender Angustifolia (the ratio of linalool and linalyl acetate in it should be at therapeutic level) is drunk in boiled water, or 1-4 drops of essential oil is absorbed by dripping into sugar. (Lavender is also sedative, very effective for restlessness and problems falling asleep)