Spanish pulmonologists explained how to wear a mask

By | 15 February 2021

How long can you wear a face shield without hurting yourself? This question was answered by pulmonologists from Andalusia (Spain). In their opinion, the mask should be removed 45 minutes after starting wearing, with a five-minute break before putting it back on.

After 45 minutes of putting on a protective mask, it must be removed for a short five-minute rest, the experts wrote. And they added that the maximum wearing time of the mask without removing it should not exceed 60 minutes. Then take a break and remove the mask so that the respiratory system can work freely for about 10 minutes.

According to Spanish pulmonologists, wearing masks for too long can lead to:

  • disruption of the respiratory system due to infection, bacteria or fungi,
  • the appearance of dermatological changes on the face.

The correct use of protective masks is to take them off regularly, ”said Gustavo de Luisa, head of the pulmonary department of the Vithas Xanit International Hospital in Malaga, in his message. And he added: – In a situation where the owner of the mask cannot take it off for a longer period, for example, four or five hours, the recommended break should be extended by 30-60 minutes.

According to experts, surgical masks can be used for no more than 4 hours. However, they noted that if the material is too wet, the mask should be replaced earlier.

Covering your nose and mouth, be it with a mask and a visor, is necessary in places where there are many people and you cannot maintain proper social distance, for example, on public transport, at bus stops, as well as in closed places, i.e. in shops, shopping centers, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, bars (in the latter case, the mask can be removed at the table, but when you get up, put it on again).