By | 23 March 2021


As our age progresses; Changes occur in our skin due to both aging and environmental factors that damage the cell DNA. What are these changes: your cheeks are getting empty, your skin is starting to sag and not shine like before. You think you look tired and older than before. Your hair may start to fall out, your scalp may become visible due to sparse hair. And acne from your youth; So you may have acne scars. We know you want to get rid of these. You don’t have to worry anymore. Salmon fish, from which the DNA closest to human skin is obtained, repairs and structures your damaged DNA. With Salmon DNA Vaccine, it is possible to reach your healthy skin naturally.

Especially in today’s world, the effects of city life increase the damage on our skin. Over time, there is a decrease in cell renewal, barrier functions, oil secretion, vitamin D production, and DNA repair, and our skin begins to wrinkle. Spots begin to form and the skin looks more matte.

PI Salmon DNA Vaccine is a protocol based on the principle of combined use of salmon DNA (polynucleotides) and hyaluronic acid molecules. These two molecules, which are the basic building blocks of the skin, are synergistically effective with each other. The hyaluronic acid application following the salmon DNA doubles the effects of the PI Salmon DNA Vaccine. What does this mean; The moisturization and elasticity of your skin are twice the effects of salmon DNA or hyaluronic acid applied alone. You will notice that your skin shines healthily, looks brighter and clearer from the first application.

PI  Vaccine, with its structure with the highest salmon DNA ratio in the world, repairs the deep layers of the skin with the strong effect of mesotherapy, different from filling. Each product is personalized and presented in sterile packages. These products have the Ministry of Health approval required to be injected under the skin. It can only be used by specialist physicians in this field.

Apart from this, a lower dose form can be used to repair the upper layers of the skin. The amount in this form is 10 times lower than it Vaccine. It only renews the upper layer of the skin, namely the epidermis. It is appropriate to apply PI Salmon DNA Vaccine in protection cures in young individuals.

The point you should never ignore is that PI Vaccine provides permanent skin renewal by repairing the deep layers of your skin. Many products only renew the upper layer of the skin and offer a temporary solution.