Protecting Children from Corona in Indoor and School

By | 18 February 2021

Although we are happy that the corona vaccine is available, we have to wait for a while for a correct vaccination. The coronavirus is at our doorstep. Every day, we learn that the test of one of our neighbors, relatives, or relatives has been positive. At this point, parents are more concerned about protecting their children’s health than themselves. Schools have been closed and online education has been reverted, but we do not know if it will reopen by 2021. If it does, we will start looking for ways to protect children from corona at school. Based on this need, we said “What should be done to protect from corona in schools and closed areas?” We searched for the answer to the question.

So, how can we protect our children from corona at school or other crowded areas? With small but effective measures, it is possible to overcome this process without any problems.

How Can We Protect Children From Corona?

The most important and primary thing that parents who want to protect their children from the coronavirus are to take the necessary precautions wisely instead of being afraid. Now let’s take a look at what you can do to protect children who attend a school or are in public areas from the corona.

Wash Your Hands Absolutely: Washing hands, which is one of the most important steps not only for epidemics such as corona but also for general cleaning, is extremely important in terms of hygiene. As a parent, check if your children are washing their hands correctly and for the desired amount of time. Whether in crowded areas such as home or school, the most important precaution is to wash hands correctly. Especially before and after meals, right after being in public areas, you should ensure that they wash their hands, and even you should lead by washing them. Using plenty of soap and water, indicate that he should wash his hands for at least 20 seconds, including the top of the hands and between the fingers. Use options such as hand sanitizer or cologne when you cannot find water.

Keep the Immune System Strong: One of the important secrets of preventing or overcoming epidemics such as flu or corona is to keep the immune system strong. The most important stages of strong immunity are:

– Strong and balanced nutrition in terms of vitamins and minerals
Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water
– Doing sports exercises in open and natural areas
Getting regular and adequate sleep
Tell Your Kids About The Corona: Although we understand the fears and concerns of adults, we have a little difficulty understanding children’s concerns about this issue. Children should not perceive the corona as an untenable enemy. They should be told that they can easily be eaten if the necessary precautions are taken.

Support Home Education: Children are creatures that can get bored and demoralized quickly due to their nature. We all see how bored children, who are depressed due to being separated from their friends and not being able to play together, are also bored when they cannot find anything to do at home. Bored children may also be reluctant to study. We have a fun suggestion to help them with their school lessons.

Tell your children how the corona is transmitted and what consequences it can have, in a language they can understand. Do not forget to convey the following items, which are a mini summary of what can be done after this explanation, to your child:

Road Map for Protection from Corona

  • Don’t touch anywhere unless needed.
  • Remember what children learn by seeing and imitating. If you wash your hands thoroughly and follow the rules of mask, distance, and hygiene, your child will also fit.
  • If you haven’t washed your hands, do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes. If you have to touch it, wash your hands thoroughly first. If you don’t have the means to wash, thoroughly disinfect with disinfectant or cologne.
  • If you need to wipe or touch your nose, be sure to use a tissue. Never put this handkerchief in your pocket or bag when you’re done.
  • Throw it in the trash directly.
  • Always use a handkerchief when you sneeze. If you don’t have a handkerchief with you at that moment, try to sneeze into the inside of your arm. Throw away the handkerchief right after you sneeze. If you sneeze on your arm, clean it thoroughly with disinfectant or cologne.
  • Being in crowded environments. Don’t touch any surface or anyone if you absolutely have to be found. Never take off your mask. Try not to touch your mask. Pay attention to social distance.
  • Try not to go to crowded places such as markets, markets, or shopping malls. When you’re gone, pay attention to the trio of the mask, distance, and hygiene.
  • Try to disinfect before touching surfaces such as common tables, chairs, and doorknobs in crowded places.
  • If anyone you know or suspect is sick, stay away. No matter how close you are, your good friend, follow this rule for both your and his health.
  • Ask anyone from outside to wash their hands.
  • Hugging, shaking hands, or kissing with anyone for whatever reason.
  • Never send your child to school if your child or you have any symptoms. Keep away from yourself as much as possible. At least until the test result comes.
  • Don’t scare your kid with unclear data and numbers. Give him accurate and enlightening information. This gives him the freedom to voice his own opinion to be part of the solution.
  • Never share their food or drink and their containers with anyone. Remember that you have to wash and share in cases where you need to share.
  • Never take off your mask in public transport, pay attention to social distance, disinfect the place you touch or hold. If possible, try to keep the vehicle windows open.