Panic attack

By | 17 April 2021

What is Panic Attack and Symptoms?

A panic attack is not a disease that occurs out of the blue. It is actually a consequence in life when you do something wrong. For this reason, trying to overcome this situation using only medication is both meaningless and insufficient. In this article, you can both discover why panic comes to you and learn how to end this chronic condition. As you read my dear readers, the most effective suggestions for panic attacks, you will also learn the mechanism of occurrence. Here is some valuable information to help you overcome a panic attack;

1-Learn the panic cycle; panic attacks are often triggered by thoughts that you are not aware of. Without noticing the person makes his breathing shallow and stretches his muscles. Then, unnoticed, symptoms such as numbness, dizziness, difficulty breathing, palpitations occur due to breath-holding, and these symptoms the person panics.

2-Hunt down and change the thoughts that trigger panic; Since thoughts that we do not notice trigger panic, then we can take some time to notice the thoughts in the back of our mind. Notice toxic thoughts, for example, “I have to work harder” or “if I’m not, this family will collapse” and tell yourself the opposite or alternative. For example, such as “I aim to work less and earn more” or “Life goes on even if I am not”.

3-Be sure to learn breath control and Mindfulness; The most effective method to stop negative thoughts or an attack that has begun is to focus on the breath and the 5 senses. Just watch, no additional effort required.

4-Be as you are; Looking strong when weak, taking responsibility when tired, working hard for success when you need laziness triggers panic attacks. For this reason, always follow your body, emotions, and soul and act in accordance with your real needs. For example, stay weak for a while, seek help, take a break. Accept helplessness and take the burden of the past.

5-Improve your personal development and personality with psychotherapy; When you look at people with panic attacks, you will see that they are very responsible, constantly thinking, counter-focused, sensitive, and challenging personalities. Changing this structure makes you flexible, central, and certainly not a bad person.

6-Nature, meditation, sports, hobbies are anti-panic activities. In addition to the above are activities that are very useful.