Over-the-counter Heart Health Advice

By | 17 February 2021

There are two major epidemics of our age. The first is heart disease. A health-conscious person does not have heart disease. The answer to the question of who has the risk of heart disease tells us what to do. If you have high blood pressure, have diabetes, have high cholesterol, do not exercise, and are overweight, and in addition to these, it is a miracle that you do not have heart disease. These aforementioned reasons are risks that anyone can easily prevent and control.

On the other hand, another epidemic disease, as well as heart disease, is Alzheimer’s, also known as vascular dementia, dementia. As the life span increases, your risk of Alzheimer’s also increases. It is as harmful to your brain as it is to your heart vessels. Namely, high cholesterol, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and obesity. By taking good care of your heart, you kill many birds with one stone. Including prevention of these birds from cancer. The health-conscious person is protected from both heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and Alzheimer’s.

Golden recommendations that protect your heart

Salt and sugar, which are overloaded on the veins, exhausts the heart: Body mass index above 25 and fat in the waist area is the “mother of all evil”. Weight triggers insulin resistance; With the onset of insulin resistance, blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol begin and the first foundation of heart disease is laid. Heart disease becomes inevitable if we have more than normal sugar, salt, and cholesterol in our veins.

There is no difference between one and a pack: Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths. In terms of risk, there is no difference between drinking one period a day and drinking one pack.

Non-prescription treatment sports: We have a very powerful weapon to prevent all this: sports. Sport is a powerful weapon that prevents insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia by controlling your weight. It’s free, healthy, and over-the-counter. A person who has adopted sports as a lifestyle means that he has started to protect all his organs.

Keep your parking lot away from home: We need to act for a healthy heart. The healthiest and cheapest sport is brisk walking. At least 5, if possible 7 days a week, you have to walk a little more than 35 minutes. Or, thanks to technology, you have to count your steps and take 10 thousand steps a day. Leave your car two stops from your home or office and walk.

Stairs instead of elevators: If you say I’m at work all day and when I can do sports, here’s the solution: stairs are heart-friendly. Do not use elevators, prefer the stairs. Walk back and forth in your room for 5 minutes every hour. Remember, being active prolongs life. These movements both keep you weak by spending energy and increase your heart’s performance. Also, chest pain that may occur when you make an effort directs you to a cardiologist as an early warning system. We take the patients who come “My chest ached while climbing uphill” for examination immediately.

The second sport for the heart is swimming. Football is not a suitable sport to start after a certain age. Avoid competitive sports for your heart health.

Crown sports with Mediterranean-Aegean cuisine: If sports are indispensable, a healthy diet. To eat healthy means to be fed with Mediterranean – Aegean cuisine, which is a miraculous cuisine.