Maintaining Oral and Dental Health During Pandemic Period

By | 16 February 2021

Maintaining Oral and Dental Health During Pandemic Period

Consciousness and awareness are the two main goals to be achieved in the fight against the pandemic process we have been experiencing recently. In fact, the most important source of both goals is undeniably accurate and scientific information. In this respect, perhaps more than COVID-19 and the panic it creates, we should be afraid of not having enough and accurate information about the issue and we should become more conscious by getting the right information from the right sources.

During this period, we are all aware of what we should and should not do regarding the personal precautions that should be taken. In other words, general reflexes such as using masks, obeying social distance rules, and not leaving our homes unless it is essential are behavior patterns that we are all aware of. So, what level of awareness should we be about other issues concerning our health? What should our hesitation and attitude be in the procurement of non-vital health services and especially dental health services?

Above all, as dentists, we are obliged to protect your health and the health of ourselves and our immediate surroundings. Although we are the group with the highest risk of infectious diseases, we continue to provide dental health services with trust and devotion, thanks to our academic knowledge, professional experience, carefully supplied equipment, high-quality clinical conditions, and algorithms constantly updated by the Ministry of Health. Because we perceive health as a whole and to protect this whole, we provide the necessary support to the oral and dental health of the society by considering the risk and responsibility balance during the pandemic period. In light of all these statements, we would like to emphasize the importance of completing your ongoing treatments as dentists during the pandemic period. Because incomplete treatments may cause further deterioration of our oral and dental health and even our general health to be endangered.

In these cases, you must see your dentist.
The presence of teeth that can cause infection can turn into common infections in situations where general resistance is low. For this reason, if you need urgent dental treatment, if there are spontaneous pain and bleeding, if your existing crowns and bridges are dropped, if you have rocking implants and prostheses, it will be the right decision to go to the dentist without delay. Regular checks are essential for your oral and dental health, but you can postpone your checks for a while during the pandemic period.

Healthy eating reduces the risk of disease
Regular and healthy nutrition during the pandemic period is of vital importance in terms of reducing our risk of developing diseases. If you have missing teeth, unfinished prosthetic applications, or prostheses that have become incompatible, hitting, and hurting such situations negatively affect your nutrition quality. Also, it would be beneficial for you to look for a suitable solution to your problems to protect your life comfort.

Oral and dental health care also affects mental health
Due to the increasing number of positive patients, the time we spend at home has been increasing recently, and this situation can lead to a decrease in our self-care and become depression. For this reason, continuing our lives without interrupting our personal and dental care will help us to resist the pandemic better, while also helping us to come out stronger from the pandemic. We recommend that you do not disrupt your personal oral and dental health care and use toothbrushes and dental floss regularly.

Of course, it should not be neglected not to disrupt the oral and dental health of our children and family members we are responsible for, and especially to ensure ongoing orthodontic checks, as practices are depending on the age of the patient. Likewise, it will be important for you to solve the existing problems before proceeding, taking into account the sensitivity of our children, and to take them to the dentist without delay, especially if there are signs of dental infection such as pain and swelling in the mouth and jaw area.

Oral and dental health problems that are not taken seriously affect general health
Of course, after a while, we will completely overcome the pandemic process and we will be able to enjoy the normalized life better. While waiting for those days, let’s take a brief look at the importance of oral and dental health and what kind of problems can cause some situations that are not taken seriously.

If dental caries that we suffer frequently are not treated properly, they cause increasing losses in the hard tissue of the tooth. So much so that, after a while, it reaches the vein and nerve package that we call pulp and provides the sensitivity of our teeth, and causes very serious pain. In the next stage, microorganisms that have reached the pulp of the tooth together with the decay can reach the jawbone by moving along the canal located in the root of the tooth and then mix into our blood and reach many organs in our body, especially the heart and joints. Here, they can cause very serious diseases such as joint and heart infections.

Gums are also a great entrance gate to our body for many microorganisms. In fact, as we have observed many times, when our body’s resistance decreases, for example, before a flu infection, the first symptoms of a general disease are seen as tiny sores and cold sores in our mouth. Likewise, when a gum infection is not treated, it quickly spreads to the bone under the gum and causes the loss of our teeth and jawbone tissue on the one hand, and bad breath on the other. Also, the number and types of microorganisms that cause this infection are so many that it is absolutely not an exaggeration to say that the mouth environment is the most polluted part of our body. In such a high-risk environment, gum diseases cause bacteria to enter the blood constantly. As a result, these bacteria that settle in other organs other than the organs I mentioned above, such as the eye, cause diseases here.

Dental health is essential for health integrity
The region where our mouth is located is both an internal and an external organ in terms of the functions it performs. Our digestive function starts in the mouth and this function is fully fulfilled only when our teeth and soft tissues are healthy and complete. For this reason, eliminating tooth deficiencies and healthy oral soft tissues will enable other digestive functions to work better. Undoubtedly, health is a whole and the human organism will be complete with the complete functioning of the parts that make up the whole.