Is Refined Sugar Harmful? Refined Sugar Losses

By | 21 March 2021

Recently, the question of whether refined sugar is harmful has been asked a lot. While many people prefer a healthy diet, they limit their consumption of refined sugar. There are many different opinions that refined sugar, which is used in many ready-made foods and pastries, is harmful to health. Sugars that have undergone a series of processes, such as table sugar, corn syrups, are called refined sugars. According to researches, refined sugar increases the rate of obesity. In this respect, refined sugar-free nutrition has recently become quite common all over the world.

So is refined sugar harmful?

What is refined sugar?

Plants containing natural sugar are extracted from the water and go through a special process. In this way, it is crystallized and converted into refined sugar. The powdered or cube sugar and corn syrup found in everyone’s home is refined sugar.

What are the harms of refined sugar?

  • Refined sugar causes weight gain when consumed continuously.
  • One of the biggest harms of refined sugar is that it suddenly raises and lowers blood sugar. This causes hunger crises to occur.
  • Since refined sugars cause the sudden loss of energy that it gives off suddenly, it causes situations such as weakness and fatigue during the day.
  • Too much-refined sugar consumption can cause fatty liver.
  • The telomeres in the body have the task of delaying cell aging. However, with the continuous consumption of refined sugar, these telomeres are damaged. This is the biggest reason for the early signs of aging.
  • Because refined sugar imbalances blood sugar suddenly, it affects both energy and mood. This increases the risk of depression.
  • It has been proven by research that it has significant damages to heart health and cholesterol.
  • Refined sugar consumption greatly increases the risk of a heart attack.
  • The vitamins and minerals we get from food are extremely important for the functioning of the body and the immune system to remain strong. However, refined chare consumption slows down the absorption of these vitamins and minerals from foods. This causes the body’s needs not to be met and immunity to decrease.
  • Refined sugar consumption makes it difficult for water to be used by our bodies. This slows down the functioning of the body. It also causes many skin problems.
  • It is known that consumption of refined sugar has a role in the development of disorders such as diabetes and insulin resistance.
  • Since foods containing refined sugar are higher in calories, they cause excess weight gain in regular consumption.

What is used instead of refined sugar?

To limit the use of refined sugar, it is necessary to turn to natural sugars. One of the best-known natural sweeteners is honey. Honey is also extremely beneficial for health. Honey can be used in many pastry recipes that contain sugar.

One of the other known sweeteners is stevia. It is especially recommended for dieters because it is natural and has no calories.

One of the most important flavors of Turkish cuisine, dates can also be used as a natural sweetener. Since it is extremely healthy, dates can be used instead of refined sugar in many recipes. It also adds a completely different flavor to the recipe.

Since healthy eating has become fashionable recently, coconut sugar has also been on the rise. It can be used as a substitute for refined sugar in coffee or sweet diet recipes.

Other natural sweeteners that both boost immunity and add sweetness to recipes are maple syrup and molasses. The most important feature of maple syrup is that it is resistant to heat. For this reason, there is no harm in using it in hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Molasses is extremely beneficial for health as it makes blood.