Immerse Yourself in the Power of Water

By | 16 February 2021

Immerse Yourself in the Power of Water

The power of Water the source of life stimulates all our senses stimulates and nourishes every cell in our body. When consumed correctly, it helps prevent diseases and supports healing.

It protects us by surrounding us before birth. 75 percent of our cells are also made up of water. Water is also the fuel of our metabolism. It also covers 70 percent of our planet, shapes geography and climates, erodes mountains, and enables flowers to bloom in deserts.

For its beauty!
The power of Water Is literally an elixir of beauty. We need water for radiant skin; both inside and outside. Cosmetic products that contain plenty of water and substances that bind water to the skin nourish our skin with moisture from the outside. However, care products cannot go deep into the skin. It is necessary to fill the moisture tanks there from the inside.

A refreshing summer drink recipe
Fill a jug of water. Add a few sprigs of fresh mint and lemon wedges, cover the jug and refrigerate. Water fills our cells with energy and nutrients. The menthol in mint wakes us up; The essential oils of lemon increase our enjoyment. We can tell if we have drunk enough water with an easy test: Grasp the skin on your hand with your thumb and index finger, pull it up, and release. The wrinkle formed should be corrected immediately. If the wrinkle does not improve immediately, it means the cells need water. The lack of water is around three or four liters. Researchers at the Charité Hospital in Berlin found that even half a liter of water improved the skin’s blood circulation and oxygen cycle in ten minutes. Metabolism is activated, energy-burning is increased. And all our senses are animated.

Can’t you drink water?
Are you one of those who forget to drink water or do not like to drink even if you remember? First of all, make it a habit to start your day with a glass of water. In order not to forget this, keep a closed glass of water by your bed in the evening and see it first in the morning. If reaching the recommended daily average of 2-2.5 liters seems like your dream, proceed step by step. Start with a liter of the first days, and over time, you will see that your body needs water. Always have water at your desk at work. Thus, you will not be able to take shelter behind excuses such as “I was too busy, I couldn’t get up”. To change the taste of water, you can add flavors such as lemon, cucumber, strawberry, mint to a bottle or jug ​​of water. Drinking these flavored waters will be much easier and visually more enjoyable.

Relax your skin
Sea salt bath cleanses, reduces inflammation, and tightens the skin. It is also good for neurodermatitis and psoriasis. For a seawater bath, dissolve 30-60 grams of sea salt per liter in hot water. Salt will release its precious substances into the water. Soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes at 28-38 degrees. Then take a very short shower with lukewarm water to close the pores. Take an hour’s rest.

Refreshing knee wash
“Water is the most important medicine of the human body,” said the German scientist Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897). The Kneipp therapy he developed consists of bathing and washing. We can do most of them at home. For example, knee washing is perfect for the summer months. It can be applied sitting or to stand. Without using a shower cap, pour the cold water from the outside of the right foot to just above the knee. Wait a moment and run the water over the right calf. Pour the water to the inner heel of the right leg. Repeat the same steps on the left leg. Apply the wash several times on both legs until a slight rash appears. Wipe the water with your hands and move your legs vigorously. Coldwater will constrict the veins in the upper and lower legs and work the muscles there.

Sensory bath
The water also has a light massage effect. It relaxes the spine and intervertebral discs. It relaxes the muscles and increases flexibility. Hot water relieves contractions and regulates breathing. The optimum temperature is 34 degrees … Remember, it is the fragrant essence that makes the bathroom a sensory experience. It is possible to prepare these essences at home.

A recipe that will make you have sweet dreams after a tiring day
Add 5 drops of lavender oil and lemon balm oil to 2 tablespoons of almond oil and mix well. Since essential oils are volatile, you need to pour the essence into the bathtub, not early. The essential oils in lavender and lemon balm relieve nervous tension, calm down, and provide a deep sleep and beautiful dreams.