How would you like to solve your constipation problem?

By | 24 March 2021

How would you like to solve your constipation problem?

Solve Constipation problem is one of the most important problems of our age. A sedentary life, drinking little water, fast food foods, consumption of excessively fatty and salty foods, and consuming foods low in pulp also bring constipation.

What is constipation?

Although the volume and frequency of defecation vary from individual to individual, the delayed and hard, dry defecation is considered constipation. Normal defecation is 3 to 12 times a week. Other than that, infrequent and less defecation is constipation.


Lack of physical activity, less water consumption and insufficient fiber intake, slowing metabolism as we age, a stressful life, increased calcium in the body, less work of your thyroid glands, some iron drugs, etc. are conditions that cause constipation.

My recommendations for constipation are;

Try to drink 2.5-3 liters of water. Water will speed up your metabolism. If you say I cannot drink a lot of water, do not take your 1 or half-liter bottle with you, always consider it. Thus, you will start drinking water without even realizing it.

I recommend walking for 40-45 minutes every day. In fact, this rule applies to everyone.

Reduce your coffee and tea consumption as much as possible. Tea and coffee will keep the water in your body. Did you know that 5 glasses of tea are worth 1 liter of the water you drink? Therefore, even if you drink 3 liters of water, when you drink 5 cups of tea, this will decrease to 2 liters. This is not getting enough fluid intake for us.

Salty foods likewise retain water in your body. Your salt consumption should not exceed 5 grams (1 dessert spoon) per day.

Consume plenty of pulp. The pulp prevents stool from staying in the intestines for a long time by increasing your bowel movements. This will protect you from the risk of colon cancer. In addition, the pulp increases the absorption of water and softens the stool. Foods rich in fiber; Dried legumes, whole grain products, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. Try to consume unshelled fruits as much as possible (if you have a stomach problem, consume them without the peel). One of the fruits I can recommend to you, in particular, is shelled pear. Because; When the shelled is consumed, it is the fruit with the highest pulp.

Dried fruits are not very innocent. However, you can consume it provided that you do not overdo it. You can consume 1 glass of warm water and 2 dried apricots on an empty stomach in the morning (if you have diabetes; do not consume dried fruit.). Also, prunes and blueberries help increase defecation.

While consuming milk and yogurt, you can add the probiotics of reliable brands that you can find in pharmacies once a day and consume it by adding 1 teaspoon of flax seeds.


Stay healthy…