How to Protect From Impact After Nose Aesthetics

By | 18 March 2021

How To Protect From Impact After Nose Aesthetics

When I look at the questions on my website from many people who have had rhinoplasty surgery, one of the most curious issues is about how to protect from impact after nose aesthetics. The concept of blow after nasal aesthetics is a phenomenon that can be interpreted in an open-ended and broad sense. From the simplest of them, from the droplets coming to the nose during the shower, it should be evaluated in a wide spectrum, from the nose hitting as a result of a traffic accident or falling from a height. In fact, this issue should be explained well to people who have had a nose job. Because both our labor and the patient’s money and time can be wasted. Moreover, it may be necessary to experience the operation process from the beginning.

It is necessary to start with the biggest blows first. There is no time limit for the blows that can break even the nose, which has never had a rhinoplasty. No matter how many months or years have passed since the surgery, a blow of this severity will damage the nose. I became a rhinoplasty, I am interested in combat sports, I wrote this because I was asked if something would happen. It is believed that the nose will not break again when there is a nose job. No such thing.

The first week after nasal aesthetics is the most sensitive period in protection from impacts. Even with the slightest hard contact, the arrangement made may be impaired. That’s why we spend the first week with silicone support inside the nose and splint support from the outside. At the end of the first week, the tissues will boil a little, but one more month needs to be paid attention. For example, you need to lie on your back while sleeping. It is also among the prohibitions that must be followed for 1 month not to wear narrow-collar clothes, not to lift heavy objects such as luggage, skincare, peeling, masks, etc., and not to skip rope. It is forbidden to suck hard water into the nose and blow it, clean the nose with a hand or a tissue for 2 weeks. Something happened and your nose was deformed, do not worry, this can be corrected manually in the first month. If it is not a serious thing, it will be done without any surgical intervention.

Wearing glasses should be delayed for 6 months. But after 3 months, light glasses can be worn for a short time if there is a lot of necessity. Sunbathing, sauna,  solarium, sea, pool are prohibited for 1 month. It would be better if it was delayed for 2 months.

Laughing, laughing, chewing gum, washing the face, taking a shower, eating something hard after rhinoplasty does not harm the shape of the nose. It is necessary to keep the nose very clean from the first day and to prevent the blood and secretions from drying and crusting. Because if these crusts and hardens, it can be very difficult to clean, even preventing breathing. It is good to take warm water or sprays containing ocean water given by your doctor for cleansing, but it may be harmful to blow your nose by squeezing it. It is necessary to draw the water into the nose and wait for the excess water to flow by itself, and then clean it with a cotton swab.

As a result, it is necessary to protect the nose from impacts and traumas after rhinoplasty, but it is necessary not to exaggerate it by obsessing it and continue with normal life. After 6 months, you can act like a normal nose that has never been operated on. It is also useful to question how your doctor will approach your questions and problems after surgery while choosing a doctor before having rhinoplasty surgery.