How to Make Nose Aesthetics Without Surgery?

By | 17 February 2021

Dermal filler application to the bridge of the nose is called Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics. Many patients are dissatisfied with the flat nasal bridge and choose this extremely safe and effective application to create a higher nasal bridge. If the few imperfections in the face area are suitable for patients, they can give great results to the face form of the patients. It is an operation that helps patients who want to have non-surgical nasal aesthetics or those who have non-surgical nasal aesthetics, who do not want a radical change in their nose, with the filling application applied to the patients.

What is Nasal Botox?
Some problems in the nose, the arched structure of the nose, asymmetrical problems, low nasal tip, nasal curvature, can be corrected by using botox or filler injection. Two different muscle groups can cause such nasal aesthetic problems. One of them is the septum cartilage located in the inner part of the nose and serves to provide support, and the other is the depressor septi nasal muscle that connects the tip of the nose with the inner part of the upper lip. Depressor septi nasal muscle causes the tip of the nose to move downward. In some people, this muscle causes more pulling and back and forth movement while smiling.

The muscle called the levator labi superiors plaque nasi is the muscle group that connects the wings of the nose to the lateral parts of the lip. This muscle group causes the upper lip and lateral parts of the nose to be pulled upwards. Therefore, the tip of the nose looks more drooping downwards. With the effect of all these muscles, the problem of sagging at the tip of the nose arises. The most effective treatment for solving nasal tip sagging is operations performed with botox. A non-surgical rhinoplasty apparatus can also be attached to this.

How is Nasal Botox Applied?
Plastic surgeons who are experts in their field decide whether or not people with low nasal tips can be treated with botox. Before the treatment, cream or spray is applied locally for numbing. Then, the application is performed with an operation that takes an average of 15 minutes. Although the effect of botox varies according to the person, it occurs within an average of 2 to 3 days. In an average of 1 week, the tip of the nose will improve. No pain is felt during the operation, and if applied with the correct technique, there will be no bruising, swelling, or edema in any way.

What are the Effects of Nasal Botox?
With non-surgical rhinoplasty, the lines on the back of the nose can be corrected, the nostrils that are too open can be narrowed and the nose tip can be lifted. To eliminate other problems in the nasal area, it may be necessary to use botox together with another non-surgical nasal aesthetic technique, filling injection.

Who Is Nose Aesthetics Suitable For?
Non-surgical rhinoplasty with botox injection is a much more suitable operation option for those who have fear of anesthesia and surgery or who do not have enough time for the post-operative recovery process. The patient can continue his daily life without interruption after the operation. It is also a more advantageous operation for those who do not have enough budget for rhinoplasty surgery.

Who is it not suitable for? It is not a suitable operation for those who have excessive nasal dorsal deformation, curvature in the nose, respiratory problems due to respiratory tract, and those who have previously undergone nasal surgery. Serious deformations in the nose should be permanently treated with surgical methods.

Is Pain Feel in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?
Since the procedure is performed with fine tip injections, no pain is felt during the operation. If the patient has a fear of needles, a numbing spray or cream can be applied before the operation. After the operation, there is no redness, swelling, and any scars. The fact that it is an operation without a healing process is one of the advantages it offers.

What is the Permanence of Nose Filling?
Depending on the type and amount of the filling used and the biological processes of the person, the duration of non-surgical nasal aesthetics may vary between 8 and 12 months for those who ask how permanent it is. At the end of this period, it should be applied again.