By | 17 February 2021

Rash problem is one of the most common skin problems in babies. This problem, which is most common between 0-18 months, ties the hands of the parents. Especially new parents get advice from experienced parents and learn what they need to do. So why does the rash problem occur?

Many factors can be considered that cause diaper rash. These factors;

• Leaving the baby’s diaper dirty,
• Cleaning the baby’s bottom with products with pH levels that are not suitable for the skin,
• The baby has diarrhea,
• Teething can be given as an example.

To care for diaper rash, you must have a certain care routine.

You should change your baby’s diaper frequently. Leaving the baby’s diaper dirty invites the formation of diaper rash. At this point, you should change your baby’s diaper frequently.

You should clean the baby’s bottom with quality skincare products. The sensitive skin of babies can be immediately affected by the skincare products used. For this reason, the cleaning products you will use in your baby’s diaper area should be developed by dermo-cosmetic standards.

You should not wear tight clothes for the baby. Tight clothes that you put on the baby cause this problem to increase. Therefore, you should dress your baby in comfortable clothes.

You should use a diaper rash care product for every diaper change. Diaper rash care products developed by dermo-cosmetic standards aim to relieve your problem while at the same time refreshing the diaper area. Every time you change your baby’s diaper, you can breathe into the diaper area by using a diaper rash care product.

Especially in hot weather, you should ensure that the area gets air. In hot weather, you can contribute to the reduction of the problem by allowing your baby’s diaper area to breathe.

You should change your baby’s diaper at least once during the night. If your baby is facing this problem, you should change your baby’s diaper area at least once during the night.

You should clean the problem area on your baby’s skin with gentle movements. You should be gentle while cleaning the problem area on your baby’s skin. Because the problem of diaper rash will disturb your baby’s skin, applying harsh movements will increase the feeling of discomfort.