What is Silicone Prosthesis?

By | 17 February 2021

As a breast surgery, people can have the appearance they want. Breast silicone surgery has increased in recent years. People may want to perform the surgery by researching silicone breast models in the face of the breast image that they do not like.

Those who will have breast surgery should convince themselves of what they want. Then, it should be discussed whether this is possible by talking to his doctor. The doctor determines the best decision for the person by working with the person to be operated on.

How Is Silicone Surgery?

People who want to have silicone on their breasts should be sure. Then there should be breast silicone surgery. First, it is decided what kind of silicone surgery will be performed. The person to be operated on later goes through various checks before the procedure. Controls are very important for the operation to take place. If there is any obstacle, precautions are taken beforehand.

The operation may take between 1 hour and 2 hours. After the operation, the person is examined. After it is determined that there is no problem, the patient is discharged within 1 day. The first bathing process takes place 3 days later. After a while, he is called for control, either early or late, depending on the person’s request. If he has an easy job, his job is done after 3 days. If he has heavy work, he must take a break for a while. After 1 month, the person can return to his normal life by checking again.

People who will be operated on can be informed instantly by contacting the prices of silicone surgery.

What is Silicone Prosthesis?

Breast silicone surgery is performed in breast augmentation surgery. There are options in size and shape for silicone prostheses. It is determined according to the person. The physical characteristics of the person are important for silicone prosthesis. Not everyone can choose a size according to their taste. The size suitable for the body is chosen. This is extremely important for a person’s health.

There are asymmetrical breasts. Therefore, one of the breasts is small and the other is big. While this can be easily observed in some people, it should be examined carefully in some people. Due to the asymmetrical situation, while silicone prosthesis is made, different sizes and different shapes are applied. In this way, the growth process of the breast has also been realized.

How to Wear a Bra After Surgery

Swelling may be seen after silicone surgery. Because of this, choosing a bra is important. In general, those who have breast silicone surgery are preferred sports bras. As the doctor can determine how to wear the bra, it should be worn a full day for three weeks and only during the day for the next three weeks. It has a significant effect on the shape of the breasts.

People who want not to wear a bra should consult their doctor. The doctor can accept if he finds it appropriate. The person needs to have a healthy recovery process.