Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

By | 5 April 2021


The hips are perhaps the most attractive part of the female body. A round, upright, alive butt that is placed on long legs that do not protrude sideways is the dream of all men and women. A prominent waist pit, two small dimples, a thin waist, and a stretched abdomen support this image. Leg length and hip-width are determined genetically and are unlikely to be changed. However, it is possible to preserve the existing, correct the deterioration, and create a more proportional and aesthetic appearance by changing the shape of the soft tissues.

Frequently asked questions about hip (butt) aesthetics:

What is butt aesthetics?

All procedures for hips and waist can be collected under the title of hip (butt) aesthetics. The aim is to shape and raise the butt, to remove the excess in the hips, to diminish and slim the waist. For this purpose, liposuction is applied to the necessary places, and fat is removed, while the upper part of the butt is supported with fat injections. In cases where fat is not sufficient, silicone prostheses can be used. This procedure ensures that the buttocks are protruding backward and remain high. In patients who have lost a lot of weight and have loosened skin, the entire hip area can be hung upwards by removing the skin in a belt style from the buttocks. In this case, just as in breast lift surgery, the patient’s own tissues can be shaped under the skin and a vertical and stretched shape can be given to the butt. My personal preference is the shaping of the loose and sagging hip with this method without using a prosthesis.

Who are the hip (butt) aesthetics procedures performed?

Hip aesthetic procedures can be performed on all patients who are not satisfied with the shape of their buttocks. Patients usually complain that their butts are flattened, low, or too wide.

How are hip (butt) aesthetics surgeries performed?

Many procedures can be done to the hip area. These can be applied alone or together according to the needs of the patient.

• Liposhaping: Fat is taken from the hips, waist, lower and outer parts of the buttocks with thin cannulas. The fat taken is concentrated by special processes and given to the upper part of the butt. Thus, the waist becomes hollow and thin, and the hips are narrowed. The congestion on the lower part of the butt is removed, the lighter butt rises. Fat injections plump, round and raise the upper part of the butt.

• Butt prostheses: Silicone butt prostheses can be used in patients with flattened butts and insufficient adipose tissue. These prostheses are products designed for the hips. Prostheses have recently been placed in the muscle. This application has enabled the problems related to hip prostheses to be greatly reduced. Prostheses are placed through a short incision placed in the groove between the hips and no scars are visible.

• Butt lift: Especially after excessive weight loss, the whole leg skin sags down on the hips. The hollow and loosened skin is removed only in the hip area or, if necessary, in the form of a belt with an anterior abdominoplasty. These procedures are called belt lipectomy. After the operation, a stitched scar resembling G-string underwear remains, all of which remain in the laundry. This process allows the hips to be tightened. If the slack is on the lower part of the hip, a skin removal can also be done so that the scar is in the groove on the lower part of the hip.

• Suture hangers: Small sagging that occurs over time in patients with weak, thin skin and small buttocks can be reduced by sewing straps. Special stitches used in the Silhouette lift are used for the suspension. Suspension operations have a weak effect and are short-lived.

• Filling applications: Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used in patients whose butts are flattened, who do not have enough fat for fat injection, and who do not want prostheses. The best-known brand is Macrolane. Macrolane fillers last about 1 year.

Isn’t there a non-surgical solution for the hips?

Exercising regularly and not gaining weight is beneficial for the hips as well as for the whole body.

What should be done and what should not be done before the operation?

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop aspirin and smoking 3 weeks before the surgery in hip aesthetic surgeries. In the last week, it is necessary to avoid drugs and similar substances that can dilute the blood.

Hip (butt) Aesthetic Surgeries

Hip aesthetic surgeries are performed in the operating room and under general anesthesia. Macrolane applications can only be performed under sedation. The operation takes between 1-3 hours depending on the procedures performed.

Butt prostheses may cause some pain and discomfort. Patients may have difficulty sitting after surgery. There may also be some pain in lip shaping procedures. Suspension and Macrolane applications are not painful.

Patients are usually sent home on the same day. Patients who undergo hip stretching by removing the skin in the form of a belt are admitted to the hospital for one day. Two days later, patients can take a bath. Since all the stitches are under the skin, there is no need to take stitches. In the first 3 weeks, patients should wear a corset. After butt prostheses, they need to sit carefully. After the third week, sports are allowed, except running. After the sixth week, all kinds of activities are free.

No serious problems are to be expected after fat injections. Some of the given fat is lost and the hips shrink a little over time. Long scars on hip hangers made by removing the skin in the form of a belt can make patients anxious, but the scars will become faint and obscure over time. After butt prostheses, problems such as the appearance of the prosthesis from the outside and the development of the capsule were frequently encountered before, but the placement of the prosthesis into the muscle greatly reduced these problems. The biggest problem with stitched hangers is that the effect lasts for a short time. The body can sometimes react to fillers. For this reason, always soluble substances and well-known brands should be preferred. Macrolane, a hyaluronic acid compound, is one of the safest products. But even Macrolane can cause a reaction.

Approximately 30% of the fat given during lip shaping is lost, but the shape given to the waist and butt is permanent. Likewise, the effect of butt prostheses is permanent. Slings made by removing the skin are radical and effective surgeries, the results are permanent. The effect of sewing hangers is short-lived. This period varies according to the anatomical structure of the patient. Heavy hips leave in a shorter time. Macrolane injections disappear completely within 1 year. It is important for the patients to pay attention to their weight and to have regular sports and skincare to maintain the surgical result.

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