Foods That Increase the Feeling of Satiety in the Diet

By | 1 April 2021

Foods That Increase the Feeling of Satiety in the Diet

Foods That Increase the Feeling of Satiety in the Diet One of the biggest problems of people who cannot diet is to feel hunger. Therefore, they are afraid of dieting. However, if you prefer foods that keep you full during this period, you can lose weight without being hungry.

So, what are the foods that keep you full?

Protein sources, oilseeds, some vegetables, and fruits increase your feeling of fullness.


The egg is the best quality protein after breast milk. Since it has a high protein ratio, it is the most important nutrient source that can keep you full while losing weight. Especially when you consume eggs for breakfast, the rate of calories you take during the day decreases. You can choose boiled eggs or in the form of a low-fat omelet.


Milk and yogurt are good sources of protein. While dieting, they accelerate your metabolism and give a feeling of satiety. For this reason, take care to consume 2-3 servings of milk-yogurt a day. Milk and yogurt are also good sources of calcium. Studies show that calcium facilitates weight loss and thinks regionally. Therefore, keeping these nutrients in your diet helps you stay full and lose weight.


Meat, chicken, and fish, which are the main sources of protein, are among the foods that will keep you full in the diet. Especially rich in omega 3 fish, besides giving a feeling of satiety, it also protects your cardiovascular health. You can choose red meat 2 days a week, fish 2 days, chicken meat 3 days a week. Cooking grilled or boiled will help you gain weight.


Legumes (beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, green lentils), which are good sources of vegetable protein, are very rich in fiber and help you stay full. At the same time, take care to consume legumes, which have cholesterol-lowering properties, 1 day a week. You can boil it and add it to your salads or cook it.


Among the oilseeds, especially almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are among the foods that keep you full in the diets. These oilseeds are good sources of minerals and contain high-quality fatty acids. At the same time, they protect cardiovascular health. It will help you stay full, especially if you prefer snacks. However, you need to pay attention to the portion size as they are oil seeds as the name implies. It will be sufficient to consume 1 handful of snacks.


Oatmeal, which is very rich in fiber, is one of the most valuable foods that can keep you full in slimming diets. Low-calorie oats make it easier for your intestines to work and lose weight. You can choose it for breakfast or snacks by mixing it with milk or yogurt.


Studies show that cinnamon balances blood sugar. Especially when you are on a diet, you can choose cinnamon to suppress your sweet need. By adding cinnamon to your water and tea, you can provide a feeling of satiety throughout the day.