Facial rejuvenation with fillers

By | 22 March 2021

What is facial rejuvenation with fillers?

Facial rejuvenation with fillers is to make the face more vigorous and dynamic with the injection of fillers to restore the changes seen in the cheek and under-eye area due to age or excessive weight loss.

In general, the triangular face shape, which occurs with the protrusion of the cheekbones and the prominent jawline, is considered an ideal appearance. This appearance may not be present on every face, or with the changes that occur with age, the accumulation of tissues in the cheek area towards the smile lines may cause a decrease in the volume of the cheekbones and a deepening of the lines around the mouth.

How is a method followed in facial rejuvenation with fillers?

Volume losses in the cheek and cheekbone area, nasolabial lines, tear groove deformity can be restored with fillers containing adipose tissue or hyaluronic acid obtained from the person’s own body. If the deformity is less, ready-made fillings that do not require surgery are more preferred. Fat injection or facelift operations are recommended if the volume loss is excessive or for those who cannot get results without surgery in advanced ages.

How is facial rejuvenation applied with filler?

Although it varies according to the anatomical structure of the person’s complaints, the under-eye, cheek, nasolabial area, jawline, marionette lines are tried to be corrected at the same time with the injection to the appropriate points. In this way, a homogeneous restoration of the middle and lower face can be achieved.

There are various forms of ready-made fillers, it is important for patient safety to choose a product with FDA approval for fillers. Be sure to get information about the preferred product from your doctor.

Filling products are in special syringes, and application is made into deep tissues in hygienic conditions with personal needles. Filling applications should be applied by experienced and competent people. The process takes approximately 20-30 minutes. A local anesthetic cream can be applied to the application areas before. After the procedure, slight bruises may occur around the sensitive eyes or little edema may be observed.

How about care after facial rejuvenation with filler?

There is no need for special care after facial rejuvenation with filling, but a slight cold application can be applied to prevent edema. Pressure massage on application areas is avoided. Activities such as hot shower, sauna, Turkish bath should not be done after the application. Re-evaluation is made within 2 weeks after the application and touch-up are applied if necessary. In the first weeks, slight asymmetries or insufficient appearances may occur.

How much filling is required in facial rejuvenation with fillers?

The filling to be applied to the cheek and cheek area should be within natural limits without disturbing the facial integrity of the person and avoiding uncomfortable extreme views. The amount of filling to be used will vary according to the person’s complaint, application areas, and anatomical structure.

Is facial rejuvenation risky with filling?

Products used in facial rejuvenation with fillers must be approved by the FDA and the ministry of health. However, in the end, they are all artificially produced products from outside. Very rarely, allergic reactions can occur. Even more rarely, small vascular occlusions that can lead to blindness can be observed.

Performing filler injections by authorized and experienced people reduces the likelihood of risks. Surrender your health to people who are experts in the subject.

How are the prices of facial rejuvenation with fillers?

Since the fees for filler and facial rejuvenation will vary depending on the amount of filler to be used, you must first be examined.

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