Face Lift

By | 21 March 2021

Unfortunately, we first feel the first signs of aging in our face area. Facial skin texture that cannot resist gravity and the decrease in the facial volume are the first indicators of the onset of aging.

What is a facelift?

If you want to renew and rejuvenate your face and even stop time, surgery may be suitable for you. In facelift surgery, not only the face area, but also the sagging of the face and neck skin, and even the fat under the chin, if any, can be done in the whole face within the scope of regeneration and revitalization planning.

Facelift aesthetics types

Facelift surgeries, also known as It or rhytidectomy, are performed using different methods and techniques. We get very good feedback from the classic facelift and Spider Web aesthetics we use in our clinic. Spider Web technique is applied with the latest technology and applied to our patients. Spider Web aesthetics, also known as thread facelift, has many advantages compared to the traditional facelift technique, which we observe that the effect is higher and the recovery time is shorter. Since your face will have a tighter and younger appearance after the thread facelift operation, this technique has become the most preferred method in recent years.

In facelift operations, fat can also be injected into the required areas system. Your doctor will decide which facelift technique is right for you and will make the application. You can follow more detailed information about Spider Web aesthetics and Cihantimur Fat Transfer from the relevant pages of our website.
Surgical facelift operations are performed on individuals with significant sagging, loss of form, and wrinkles on their face.

Who can have facelift aesthetics?

• Sagging on the face
• Wrinkles at the edge of the mouth,
• Decrease in facial adipose tissue volume
• Non-aesthetic neck formation
• Sagging of the chin jowl skin
• Those who have self-confidence problems due to this loss of form in the entire face area.

Facelift surgery is a situation that needs to be decided individually, as in other aesthetic operations. The facelift operation, which you will have with someone else’s pressure or will, will make it difficult for you to get healthy returns. If you make this decision on your behalf with confidence, if you do not have a chronic or another disease in terms of health and you do not smoke, you can have facelift surgery.

How is a facelift operation performed?

When you come to the plastic surgeon who will perform the application first examines you, and your medical photos are taken before the application. During the examination, you should share all your medical history, medications you use, drug allergies, and all other information with your surgeon. Our doctor will make all your evaluations with all the information he has obtained. After the examination, all the details to be done before the application will be shared with you according to your situation. The interview and examination with the patient before the operation and the confidence that the patient will have in his / her doctor are also very important as well as the facelift procedure. That is why it is beneficial to ask mutual questions between the doctor and the patient. Your doctor will answer your questions about the facelift and mention the methods to be used. Takes the measure of your face. At this point, you can get information from your doctor about the risks or potential complications that may occur.

Please rest the night before It and make your work and home plans for the post-operative period. You may need help, although facelift surgery is a simple operation in line with our experience, if you need to stay in the hospital after any mishaps that may occur, arrange for a relative to accompany you.
Facelift aesthetics start with the local or general anesthesia method determined for you. In facelift aesthetics, surgical incisions are mostly made on the hairline and behind the ears. The subcutaneous tissue is stretched and corrected in the face and neck areas where sagging and wrinkles occur for your skin problems in the face area. The fat taken from another part of your body and enriched with stem cells is transferred to the required areas. And after facelift surgery, you will regain your natural appearance.

How is a facelift aesthetic scar?

In traditional facelift surgeries, the incision is usually made immediately into the forehead hairline and the incision is continued around the ear and ends in the lower scalp. The adipose tissue is arranged under the chin, face, and neck, the excess is removed and repositioned. The aging and sagging neck are rearranged by making an incision under the chin. The circumference of the ears, eyelids, and upper lip area is shaped by making small incisions for repositioning. Aesthetic procedures are performed with utmost care in closing the incisions, and the incisions are closed by concealing within the hairline and natural ear line.