Excessive Makeup In Summer Can Cause Skin Problems

By | 3 March 2021

Excessive Makeup In Summer Can Cause Skin Problems

Sweating, which balances the body against extreme heat, can be a nightmare for women in the summer months. Can be seen in some parts of the body due to sweating; Diaper rash, rash, and fungi adversely affect the comfort of life. Also, excessive makeup in summer on hot days can cause serious skin problems on the skin instead of providing an aesthetic appearance.

Take a frequent shower with lukewarm water

Perspiration, which is a natural process for the body, negatively affects the work and social life of people in extreme heat. Especially in women, diaper rash, rash, and fungal infections are common in the curved parts of the body. In hot weather, taking frequent showers with warm water, using appropriate moisturizers after showering, choosing clothes made of light-colored and cotton-linen fabrics are very important in terms of maintaining the heat and moisture balance of the skin. As the frequency of the shower increases, the amount of shampoo used increases. Care should be taken to use a moisturizer after showering to prevent this situation that may cause dryness of the skin. Dryness, itching, and abrasions on the skin can cause skin infections with the effect of sweating.

Diabetes patients should be wary of infections

Those who want to cool off by entering the sea and pool in the summer should spend most of their time under the umbrella. You should not step on the wet floor with bare feet, and someone else’s personal belongings such as slippers and swimwear should not be used. Common items and clothing lead to the transmission of fungal infections. Diabetic patients need to pay more attention to skin warnings. Wound formation due to any infection leads to a more difficult and prolonged recovery period in diabetic patients.

The face area should be protected from the harmful effects of sun and makeup.

Sweating, which occurs due to summer heat, becomes an important problem for women who use excessive make-up. Women should stay away from photo-sensitive make-up materials and makeup as light as possible in hot weather. In the face area exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, spots may also occur due to burns. This condition that occurs in sun-affected areas is called ‘melasma’ and its treatment requires a long process. It is also important for people with important skin diseases such as acne or Roza sea to use high-factor protectors while going out to the sun. Because existing diseases can flare-up.

Loose and cotton clothes should be preferred for skin health.

Due to the increase in sun sensitivity in the summer months, the style of clothing should be determined according to the hot weather. Clothes that are made of cotton and light-colored fabrics that absorb sweat, do not fit the body, and have a loose fit should be preferred. Tight belts, tight clothes, and underwear should not be used, especially expectant mothers who have a pregnancy in the summer period should pay attention to these dressing rules. Tight clothes that cause discomfort to the body; can lead to gas problems in the abdomen, occasional shortness of breath, and edema in the legs.

Be sure to pay attention to these in order not to get skin cancer while getting beautiful