Enter Summer With Shiny and Smooth Skin

By | 4 March 2021

Enter Summer With Shiny and Smooth Skin

Seasonal changes in which weather temperatures and eating habits change can bring along problems such as skin dryness and acne. However, many nutrients and substances found in nature can restore elasticity and shine to the skin. It is possible to restore moisture to the shiny skin and have a young appearance with the applications to be made and simple precautions to be taken during seasonal transitions. Although you can enter summer with shiny and smooth skin.

Smoking and sun rays age the skin

With the aging of the skin, changes such as dryness, wrinkles, and increased spots stand out. Smoking, sun rays, stress, and external factors are the leading factors that accelerate the aging of the freckle. On the other hand, as the skin ages, the blood circulation of the tissues and the oxygenation of the cells also decreases. Therefore, it becomes difficult to remove free radicals that damage cells from the environment. With the effect of aging, a deterioration is observed in the DNA, which enables the cell to develop, survive, replicate and pass the genetic material to the daughter cells.

Psychological problems can be inevitable

Aging skin looks dull and pale. Its elasticity is lost and tonus is lost. Over time, sagging occurs with the effect of gravity. The dry skin becomes wrinkled, the wrinkled skin dries more, and this situation becomes a vicious circle. Psychological problems caused by the deterioration of the skin appearance can affect the social relations, jobs, image, and even health of the person.

Stop aging with salmon DNA

To prevent all these frightening processes, preventive and repetitive, anti-aging treatment models have been developed. Salmon DNA has a special place among these treatment options. Salmon DNA is a treatment method that aims to eliminate stress, air pollution, smoking, alcohol and the harmful rays of the sun, and the negative effects of the past years on the skin.

With the applications made with Salmon DNA obtained from salmon milk, wrinkles that appear as evidence of aging can be prevented. The facial rejuvenation method applied with Salmon DNA, which stands out with its effect that stops skin aging, is a miraculous solution for wrinkles.

Vitamin C is a powerful weapon

Vitamin C, which is important for body health as well as for skin health, is very important due to its powerful antioxidant content. In addition to its antioxidant properties, it is a very effective anti-aging ingredient. It has a very important role in collagen production, which provides youth and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C gradually decreases in the skin due to aging, sun exposure, and smoking. The decrease in vitamin C causes a decrease in collagen production. The weakening of the collagen structure causes breaks and therefore wrinkles.

  • It protects the skin against free radicals and the harmful effects of the sun.
  • It strengthens against external factors.
  • Especially, it removes the spots formed on the skin due to the sun and age spots.
  • Makes the skin look brighter and brighter by lightening the color of the skin.
  • Vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen and helps the skin to tighten and gain elasticity.
  • It removes fine lines and wrinkles and slows their formation.

The source of youth and health, caviar

Caviar, which is referred to as an expensive and luxurious consumer item, has also been used in the cosmetic field in recent years. Caviar, which is a rich source of protein, phospholipids, minerals, and vitamins, is a very effective anti-age ingredient thanks to these properties.

  • Phospholipid contained in caviar; moisturizes the skin; It removes the rough structure caused by drying and makes the skin look smoother, brighter, and more beautiful.
  • Protein nourishes, repairs, and strengthens the skin; It provides the skin to regenerate, tighten and gain elasticity. It helps to remove mimic lines and wrinkles and reduces the effects of aging.
  • Minerals and vitamins protect the skin against free radicals and provide an anti-oxidant effect, strengthen the skin surface by supporting the production of collagen and elastin, reduce wrinkles and delay aging.

Diamond, the favorite of jewelry, gives the skin its glow

It is known that diamond, which is a favorite of women in jewelers, has extraordinary powers and miraculous effects in the field of medicine. Representing purity and perfection, diamond has benefits in the skin. Many scientific studies have revealed that diamonds have positive effects on some organs in the body and overall health. Diamond balances body temperature reduces infections, stimulates metabolism, regulates blood circulation, and helps to cure many skin problems. In alternative medicine, diamond is used to strengthen the energy centers in the body. Thanks to its rich mineral content, diamond protects and strengthens the skin against different factors. Besides these features;

  • It allows the dead layer on the skin to be peeled off without damaging it.
  • The skin, whose stained and the thickened layer is peeled off, thus gives a smoother and brighter appearance.
  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the skin surface.
  • It increases the elasticity of the skin, has a tightening and tightening effect.

Eat right for the skin

All kinds of vegetables and fruits are actually skin-friendly. Especially tomatoes are at the top of the list due to their intense vitamin E content. Green leafy vegetables, which are rich in vitamin E, are also at the top of the list, along with tomatoes. Rich in vitamin C, grapefruit and orange are also very beneficial for the skin like tomatoes. In addition to all these, it is essential to feed the body in terms of protein. Products such as eggs, milk, and especially kefir are also seriously beneficial for the skin. In particular, consuming one glass of kefir a day will be of great benefit to the skin. There will be positive changes in the skin in the long term. With regular use of kefir, the skin will begin to look much brighter and healthier than before. The bacteria contained in kefir regulate the intestines and ensure the correct absorption of food. In addition to these, consuming green apples and plenty of water are among the sine qua non for shiny and smooth skin.