Does Plastic Surgery Affect Your Immune System?

By | 17 February 2021

With the arrival of the coronavirus in our lives, we all started to know more about the immune system. However, we pay more attention to our diet, medicines, and vitamins than before to strengthen our immune system. If you are planning to undergo any operation including plastic surgery during this period; by strengthening your immune system before surgery; You can prepare your body for the operation.

Plastic surgery can be defined as the reconstruction and reshaping of various structures on the body and the elimination of serious tissue losses. After plastic surgery, your body will try to start healing incisions and fight infection. However, if you prepare your body for the operation first; it is not possible to be affected negatively. The more you pay attention to your immunity in this process; You can easily go through the whole process.

Preparing your immune system for a plastic surgery procedure is actually not different from what you need to pay attention to in daily life. What to do may seem complicated, but what we need to pay attention to is quite simple. Here are four ways to boost your immunity:

4 Suggestions to Support Your Immune System Before the Operation:
Sleep, stress reduction, nutrition, and exercise are part of a healthy life. Hence, these are the building blocks of a healthy immune system.

1.Training Your Sleep Routine Increases Your Defense
We must sleep enough for our immune system to protect your body from infections and to heal surgical incisions. If you have a regular sleep routine, your brain can focus on facilitating the healing process, such as healing tissues, repairing blood vessels, and preventing inflammation. If you don’t have an adequate and regular sleep routine, your recovery may be longer and more difficult.

  1. Try to sleep at the same time every night.
  2. Reduce nighttime blue light exposure (computer, phone). Light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime and affects your circadian rhythms.
  3. Avoid drinking caffeine late in the day.
  4. Establish a sleep routine that includes relaxation – try taking a bath, playing soothing music, meditating, or reading before bed.


2.Relieve Your Mind By Reducing Stress
It is now well known by everyone that stress has an effect on the immune system. That’s why it’s best to understand the sources of stress and learn how to manage them. The benefits of meditation and other relaxation techniques help prevent stress.

3.Strengthen Your Body by Eating Healthy
What we eat plays an important role in how well and fast your body will repair itself after surgery. Studies have shown that diets rich in trans and saturated fats interfere with the functioning of your white blood cells, which are important for our immune system. Additionally, consuming refined carbohydrates like processed meats and baked goods can negatively impact your immunity. This can prolong the healing process. Doctors state that alcohol and cigarette use should be stopped before surgery.

Of course, healthy eating is not just foods that should not be eaten. Include foods that increase immunity in your diet, including leafy greens, fruits, fatty fish, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, and all other fresh foods. For dessert, you can prefer desserts without refined sugar and dark chocolate.

4. Regular Exercise Contributes to Immunity
Exercise improves your mood, increases your immunity. As it increases blood circulation, it accelerates healing. However, the most important detail here is that you should start the exercises before your surgery. Because you will need to take a break from sports for a while after the surgery. If you make sports a part of your life before surgery; You will not only feel better while undergoing surgery, you will also find that you recover faster. If going to the gym is difficult for you; You can walk regularly, use fitness applications that are now very popular, or follow the channels broadcasting in this area on Youtube.