Do you know how sugar consumption affects your sleep?

By | 15 February 2021

Not being able to sleep well the next day not only creates weakness but also negatively affects your physical, mental, and mental health. If you cannot sleep well at night and you cannot solve the reason for this, the problem may be in your eating habits.

To enlighten you a little bit, we have listed the negative effects of consuming too much sugar and sugary foods on sleep

Foods with high sleep and glycemic index:

Foods with a high glycemic index instantly raise your blood sugar. Fatty and high-carbohydrate foods cause this situation. If you do not control your sugary food consumption over time, the situation may progress to diabetes type 2.

So what is the relationship of this whole situation with sleep? When your blood sugar is high, the body tries to correct this by using the kidneys more than normal. The kidneys work frequently to remove high sugar and cause you to go to the toilet multiple times during your night, interrupting your sleep.

Our diet affects our sleep quality more than we think.

Sugar Consumption and Health

Sugar is also converted into glucose in the blood, and your body suddenly feels like an energy charge. Therefore, this prevents you from falling asleep at night and switching yourself to the relaxed mode before sleep.

Too much sugar consumption is an element that should be controlled not only before sleep but throughout your life. A condition that has negative effects on both the body and the brain. Sugar consumption will inevitably lead to uncontrolled, anxiety triggering, depression, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular problems.


What to do to make sleep easier?

If you want to improve your sleep quality, you should also take a look at your dietary habits. Instead of foods with a high glycemic index, turn to foods that will regulate your leptin and blood sugar. Unprocessed foods, vegetables, fruits, and foods containing protein will help you maintain your blood sugar.

Also, exercises to reduce your stress level, avoiding artificial light, and most importantly, choosing a comfortable mattress will increase your sleep quality.