Do You Have Pain During Ovulation?

By | 16 February 2021

In the middle of the menstrual period, the pain felt in the groin during ovulation, sometimes mild bleeding accompanying the pain… This picture, called Mittelschmerz, is seen in 20 percent of women. Mittelschmerz, which means “mid-cycle pain” in German, is a condition that is experienced in every cycle in some women and from time to time in some and is seen as “unilateral lower abdominal pain”. Towards the middle of the menstrual period, that is, the 13th-16th of the cycle. The pain felt in the right or left groin during the period corresponding to the days of ovulation (ovulation) covers the period. This is because the egg cracks open from the ovary. It may start suddenly and subside within hours, or it may extend up to 2-3 days. Rarely, it can continue until the next period starts.

The area of ​​pain is usually localized to indicate the side of ovulation, that is, where ovulation occurs. It is stated that this picture is caused by the development and growth of the precursor egg that occurs before ovulation, edema in the ovary, and stretching of the ovarian capsule. During ovulation, he states that the bleeding caused by the release of the egg by cracking the ovarian wall and the irritation of the peritoneum, which is called the abdominal membrane, caused the pain to continue. Fallopian tube contractions and movements following ovulation are another cause of pain.

Short-term bleeding is normal
About half of women who experience Mittelschmerz experience short-term ovulation bleeding. The reason for this bleeding is the sudden drop in hormones, especially estrogen, just before ovulation. Hormones that increase again after ovulation prevent this spotting style bleeding from increasing and prolonging. The differential diagnosis is made by the patient’s normal examination findings. It is important to rule out causes such as appendicitis, ruptured ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, and familial Mediterranean disease in case of excessive pain and vaginal bleeding.

Being treated with medication
Treatment is generally not required in Mittelschmerz. Pain relievers can be used for prolonged and severe pain. Ovulation and thus Mittelschmerz can be prevented by using birth control pills in cases with social restrictions.