Do natural events and horoscopes really affect people?

By | 24 March 2021

Do natural events and horoscopes really affect people?

Natural events and horoscopes really affect people although many of us don’t believe it, we enjoy following the zodiac signs. Our curiosity towards the future, interest in the unknown, maybe the main source of this motivation.

However, does the date we were born or the current year and/or month affect our lives?

Or recently observed natural events such as the super moon, lunar and solar eclipses, etc. Do events cause changes in our lives?

Is it a cosmic phenomenon or does it have a scientific explanation?

Well, rainfall, earthquake, etc. How do natural events affect us?

Questions like these have puzzled people’s minds for years and continue to poke around.
As a matter of fact, human beings are selfish, reckless, maybe ignorant, putting themselves in a central place in the vast universe, handling events from their own perspective. However, we are also an extremely small part of the universe, and it is a fact when we interact with both the micro and macro universe.
In the micro-universe, such as the interaction of atoms and subatomic particles with each other or the interaction of chemical compounds with each other; It would not be wrong to say that the planets, stars, or celestial bodies in the macro-universe affect each other and that they are an integrated system. With what we do in the world, we affect and even change natural phenomena, the habitats of the creatures around us.

And yet, is it very wise to put ourselves outside the system?

Or, from another point of view, is it realistic to treat events only astrologically? Or is it scientific?

You have heard from many people that “my knees hurt, I have rheumatism, I guess it will rain”. So how does he know? really? does it make up

Of course, there is a scientific explanation. Changes in air pressure affect the course of weather events on that day. We measure pressure changes with tools such as a barometer or manometer. This is what makes people who have pain when it rains, different from others. It is a closed system containing liquid in the joint gap and functions like a manometer. While it is not possible for normal and ordinary people to feel the extremely small pressure changes, some people may be unlucky at this point or lucky depending on your point of view. Just like looking at the barometer and predicting whether it will rain or not.

Or do people really become werewolves, aggressive on a full moon?

What is reality?

The work was done really; He says there is an increase in murder, violence, and health problems. So why??

As we know, 75-80% of the world is covered with water. Is it possible not to be affected when 60% of the human body is in the water state, while the earth is being shaped by the effect of the moon, which is approximately 350,000 km away from our world, while the earth is taking shape, such as tides?

Autumn months are periods when depression, heart diseases, and gastrointestinal problems peak.

Just as the seasonal change changes our hormonal balance on the one hand, and on the other hand, the thermal change contributes to our diseases, if the complex defense cells and systems in our environment and our own micro-universe and the interaction of microorganisms determine our health; Couldn’t the events taking place in the macro-universe also affect our situation?

Can we sometimes say that this effect is not too light to be felt or so complex that we cannot understand or make sense of it today?

As a result, human beings are also a part of the flora and fauna of the universe. If we want a happy, peaceful, and healthy life, instead of clashing with both nature and people, peaceful life will cause us to maintain our own homeostasis, and maybe it will be determinant in the balance of the universe.