Chickenpox and Pregnancy

By | 28 March 2021

Chickenpox and Pregnancy

We do everything we can to be healthy after we are pregnant. However, in some cases, we cannot protect ourselves from illnesses. Since chickenpox is a highly contagious viral infection, it is almost impossible to prevent.

Chickenpox is a viral infection also known as varicella. There are rashes in the form of small red raised spots. There is usually fever and body pain before the rash. Since there is 95% infection in childhood, adults are protected against chickenpox at childbearing age.

It is very, very rarely, pregnant women who had chickenpox before pregnancy will have chickenpox again. If you have not had chickenpox before, there is a great risk during pregnancy. It is necessary to stay away from places with chickenpox.

If you cannot be sure whether you have had chickenpox or not, a test can be done. As a result of the test, it becomes clear whether you are at risk.

Baby Infection by Chickenpox

The baby’s affected by chickenpox depends on the period of pregnancy. According to the gestational period:

If chickenpox occurs in the first trimester, the probability of having a birth defect is 0.5-1%.
Chickenpox first 13th-20th. 2% chance of having a birth defect if it happens in weeks
If chickenpox occurs up to 5 days before birth, the probability of congenital varicella in the baby is 20-25%.
If chickenpox occurs 6-12 days before the birth, the baby may still have chickenpox, but since some antibodies will pass from the mother, congenital varicella can be overcome slightly if it does.
Possible birth defects due to chickenpox; eye problems, scarring, underdevelopment or growth retardation, small head size, and/or mental retardation.

Protection from chickenpox

If you have had chickenpox before, there is no need to do anything to protect the baby. Antibodies produced by the body protect the baby from infection.
If there is no chickenpox before, Zoster immunoglobulins should be used if someone who has chickenpox during pregnancy is contacted. Immunoglobulin is given for 4 days after exposure.
If you have not had chickenpox before and there is no pregnancy, the chickenpox vaccine should be administered 3 months before conception.

Can You Get Chickenpox 2 Times?

Healthy people do not get chickenpox twice. People with problems in their immune system (defense system) may get a second infection. Most people who think they have had chickenpox a second time are actually those who think they have had a previous rash disease with chickenpox.