Causes pain and pain in the scalp? What to do?

By | 28 March 2021

The scalp is one of the most mysterious parts of our body! The scalp disappears between the hair strands and we cannot see what is happening in the scalp clearly. In fact, if you had the chance to examine the scalp clearly, we are sure that you could analyze the pain in the scalp more clearly. The sensitivity, pain, and pain in the scalp is actually a signal that your scalp sends to you! Feeling pain in the scalp unlike usual is a sign that something is wrong in that area. We investigated the causes of the pain and pain in the scalp. You should also follow our recommendations below for sore hair roots.

Causes pain and pain in the scalp?

There may be more than one reason for the pain and pain sensation in the scalp. One of the most common causes is the excessively oily scalp. An excessively oily scalp can disrupt the pH of the scalp and cause sensitivity in the scalp. In such cases, we can say that the scalp is itchy and a burning sensation is added.

If you feel the feeling of pins and needles in your hair follicles, you may have a fever. Itching and tingling sensation usually occurs in hair fever. The reason for the hair fever is not to dry your hair and to walk around with wet or sweaty hair. Hair fever can be seen more, especially in women with long and bushy hair.

If your scalp is inflamed and itchy, it may be due to a fungal infection. Fungus in the hair follicles manifests itself in the form of itching, burning, itching, and pain in the scalp. If you are experiencing more than normal hair loss, you should definitely go to a dermatologist and investigate the pain and pain at the base of the hair.

How do the pain and ache in the scalp pass?

You should clean your hair regularly to relieve the sensitivity of the scalp. Not washing your hair for long periods, using hair spray, and tying your hair too tightly can invite discomfort in the scalp.

You should wash your hair with warm or cold water, whether it’s summer or winter, and make sure that the shampoo and conditioners are rinsed off your hair. Shampoos and creams that do not rinse their hair can cause itching. When you comb your hair after a shower, you should be very sensitive and avoid harsh movements. While drying your hair, you should always hold the machine to the ends and lengths of your hair and avoid applying high heat directly to the scalp. Overheating and burning of the scalp can disrupt the pH ratio here.

How should sensitive scalp care be?

Those who have sensitive hair follicles should pay attention to hair care. Using aggressive hair care products can cause itching, redness, and pain in the scalp. For this reason, we recommend that you use relaxing and restorative products in hair care.

You should stay away from shampoos that make your hair heavy in order not to trigger pain in your scalp. Products that lighten your hair and purify your scalp will do better for you. After cleansing your hair with shampoo and conditioner every other day, we recommend that you apply a mask to the scalp once a week. Exfoliating hair care products perform micro-peeling on the hair follicles and regenerate the scalp.