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What is a bichectomy?

Bichectomy, which can also be defined as cheek aesthetics, is a type of aesthetic operation performed by removing cheek fat to give a sharper appearance to the facial features. Hollywood cheek and discectomy are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably as intertwined terms. Bichectomy operation can be considered as a part of Hollywood cheek aesthetic… Read More »

Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

HIP (BUTT) AESTHETICS The hips are perhaps the most attractive part of the female body. A round, upright, alive butt that is placed on long legs that do not protrude sideways is the dream of all men and women. A prominent waist pit, two small dimples, a thin waist, and a stretched abdomen support this… Read More »


THE RIGHT KNOWN WRONGS ABOUT ACUPUNCTURE In this article, we will briefly focus on the issues of the right known wrongs about acupuncture that are thought to be true in our society, but which are completely wrong in terms of acupuncture science. 1-Earring is worn in acupuncture (FALSE): The right one; What is meant by… Read More »

What is High-Focused Ultrasound?

What is High-Focused Ultrasound? High-focused ultrasound is one of the non-surgical facelift and skin rejuvenation methods. The main goal is to tighten the skin and eliminate sagging in the skin structure. As the name suggests, in this technique, by sending high-focused sound waves to problem areas, the deep subcutaneous tissues are reached and collagen production… Read More »

What is Chemical Peeling?

What is Chemical Peeling? Chemical peeling is an aesthetic approach using various chemical solutions to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, remove spots, treat acne and acne scars, and improve skin health and appearance in general. With it, both the dead layer is removed and a vigorous appearance is obtained. Chemical Peeling Application Areas Chemical peeling… Read More »

Treatment with Mesotherapy

Which Area Is Mesotherapy Applied? What Are The Uses Of Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy, which emerged with the combination of the words “meso” and “therapy” in Latin, can be translated as a middle skin treatment. Mesotherapy is an aesthetic approach that is performed by injecting ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes in the form… Read More »

Chin Aesthetics

Chin Aesthetics Our jaw structure, which is one of the important aesthetic units of our face, is sometimes not noticeable but is a very distinctive aesthetic detail when the profile image is considered. A small or large chin, protruding or very back, jaw curvature or asymmetrical posture can be one of the important aesthetic problems… Read More »


NATURE’S DEEP DNA MIRACLE As our age progresses; Changes occur in our skin due to both aging and environmental factors that damage the cell DNA. What are these changes: your cheeks are getting empty, your skin is starting to sag and not shine like before. You think you look tired and older than before. Your… Read More »