Benefits of Honey and Its Use on Skin

By | 10 March 2021

Skin Benefits and Skin Use of Honey Honey is not only a healthy sweetener that we use in our food and beverage but also a natural cosmetic ingredient that provides numerous benefits for our skin. It is a natural recipe created by bees with the nectar, pollen, and resin they collect from the flowers and plants according to the different regions and climates of their habitat.

In almost every geographical region in our country, honey types obtained from beekeeping made by the natural conditions specific to that region are generally classified as flower and pine honey.

Another name for pine honey; ‘secretion honey’ (due to the resin in it). And again, due to its resin content, it is a type of honey that is frequently used in providing the oil balance of oily skin.

Flower honey, on the other hand, is preferred in care recipes prepared for oil-free and normal skin. There are many varieties of flower and pine honey: Chestnut, Flower, Plateau, Thyme, Pine honey are the first to come to mind.

Since large amounts of amino acids, vitamins, and natural sugar in honey can be easily absorbed by our body, they make a great contribution to the bright and healthy appearance of the skin. Also, anti-infection and immunity-enhancing antioxidants in their content can play an active role in preventing skin problems such as eczema, acne (acne), and irritation due to dryness.
While it causes the skin to moisturize, it also acts as an important natural shield against the decrease in collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks that give the skin a healthy appearance, and the bad effects of bacteria.

How Should We Apply Honey to Our Skin?

Benefits of Honey; It is one of the oldest natural beauty and health formulas that help to repair the wear caused by environmental pollution, time, and harmful bacteria, with its purifying, moisturizing, thus softening effect that provides flexibility and radiance.

It is used in many care products produced by the cosmetic industry for our entire skin, from our hair to our nails, from our face to our body, as well as in various mixtures that we can prepare at home with easy and economical methods, even it can be used alone.

If you apply the honey directly to your face without diluting it, wait for a little and wash it with warm water, you will notice that your skin is cleansed and softened.

If you want to use it as a natural make-up remover, you can drip a few drops of jojoba or coconut oil and mix it with your fingers or a piece of cotton on your face and wash it with warm water, and you can see that the viscous texture of honey flows with water and your make-up is easily removed.

In direct applications, it reduces redness after acne on the skin as well as softens the irritated skin, gives moisture and elasticity to dry skin.

Easy Skin Care Recipes You Can Apply At Home Using Honey

Before moving on to the recommendations, it is necessary to make an important reminder: What you need to pay attention to in your food and beverages, as a supplementary food that strengthens the immunity of your body even when eaten alone, and of course, in any honey mixture you apply to your skin, is whether the honey is pure and natural.

Some honey on sale today is far from being natural, but consists of mixtures thickened with sugar and sweetened. These products, whose color, consistency, aroma, odor is not related to the natural product, can harm health, as well as the skin, on the contrary.

It is best to stay away from such ingredients, choose the herbalist, organic product stores, and markets you trust, instead of making random choices, and to buy honey from knowledgeable sellers with a specific source and producer.

Let’s come to the simple and economical honey care products you can make at home.

Here are a few suggestions for moisturizing, cleansing, masking, or just soothing and relaxing the skin while bathing:

Benefits of Honey and Egg White Mask

Mix an egg white (if it is an organic egg, of course, it would be a much healthier choice) and a tablespoon of honey thoroughly and rub it on your face. It is useful to wait at least 10 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. You will feel your skin is soft. It can be repeated every week.

Benefits of Honey Bath Milk

Ingredients: cup honey, 2 cups milk, and a few drops of any fragrant vegetable oil of your choice. For example, fragrant oils such as lavender and jasmine can make your bathroom even more enjoyable. It is now possible to find such natural oils in every cosmetic store, pharmacy, or even in markets.

You mix all the ingredients and pour them into the bathtub filled with hot water, and then you do a very relaxing bath cure. It can be a good alternative to prepare your body for a good sleep after a tiring day.

Purifying Apple-Honey Mask

The antibiotic content of honey and the natural antioxidant content of honey and the purifying effect of glycolic acid in apples are combined in this mask. It helps to clean the dirt and oil accumulated on the surface of the skin, thus preventing acne that may arise from possible infections.

Requirements for the mask; one medium apple and 4-5 tablespoons of honey. How many spoons of honey will be used depends on the size of the apple. You can also increase the number of apples and the amount of honey if you come together with a few friends and have a ‘day of care’.

After removing the seeds of the apple, you mix it with honey in a mixer until it reaches a paste consistency and applies it to the face. It is enough to hold for 10-15 minutes. Then you can wash it off with lukewarm water.

In the meantime, let’s give a little tip: It is useful to use the material fresh. It is not quite right to make it and keep it in the refrigerator for later use.

Also, to check if you have an allergy to the ingredients of the mask, apply a small piece on your hand and wait a few minutes before applying it to your face. If any rash or burning or itching sensation occurs, discontinue use. Of course, this recommendation applies to all-natural remedies you will make at home.

Benefits of Honey Moisturizer for Dry Skin

This natural moisturizer requires a ripe peach and a tablespoon of honey. After peeling the peach and removing the core, turn it into a puree. After adding the honey and mixing it thoroughly, apply it to your face with slow and circular movements with the help of fingertips and wait 30 minutes, then wash with warm water. It can be good supportive care in maintaining the moisture balance of the skin by applying it once a week, especially in winter and in very dry skin.

It is worth mentioning; In all-natural recipes such as this and similar ones, all fruits and/or vegetables that are used freshly should be used in their season and, if possible, be organic. Thus, we can achieve the highest benefit.