Acne Treatment – What is Acne Treatment?

By | 17 February 2021

Acne Treatment: Acne and acne problem is a skin problem that can be experienced by people of all ages and genders, although it seems small, it causes serious low motivation. There were dermatological solutions with good success in the treatment of this problem until now.

Solution suggestions were developed in order not to experience certain drug treatments again. However, these solution suggestions started not to be preferred much after a while. Because the drugs taken during the treatment had serious side effects and these side effects occurred to a large extent. For this reason, the patients became conscious and started to resort to different applications rather than dermatological treatment methods. Agnes acne treatment is one of the methods with a very high success rate in these applications. Although this method, which is among the medical aesthetic applications, is a new application, it has received satisfactory feedback from its users. Thanks to this application, almost all acne problems are eliminated after 3 sessions on average.

Acne Treatment (Agnes) not only combats existing acne problems but also prevents acne that will occur later. Because, thanks to this treatment, the moisture, and oil content of the skin is balanced. Thanks to the improvements that will occur in the skin texture, people who have problems notice the difference in the treatment in a short time. One of the conditions that increase application satisfaction is the short application time.

Acne Treatment Application Details

The steps to be followed during the process are generally the same for each application. However, there may be exceptional situations in between. Before the procedure, the type of anesthesia is selected according to the width and depth of the application area. Generally, local anesthesia is preferred. However, the depth of the application area causes the way local anesthesia is administered by cream or injection.

Although the application time varies according to the width of the application area and the level of the acne problem, it has an average session duration of 30 minutes. Although there is no side effect after the application, it is possible to encounter swelling and redness for approximately 1 week in these parts if studies have been done on the under-eye tissue. Sometimes, due to cysts in stubborn acne tissues, significant crusting may occur after the application. However, these crusts disappear within a maximum of 3 days. When you think about the smoothness your skin will have after the application, this 3-day process is not so important. However, as we have just mentioned, these crusts occur only in severe acne treatments.

Apart from this, there is no side effect in the treatment of superficial comedones. In the treatment of Agnes acne, the solution is usually obtained in a single session and the expected effect occurs approximately 15 days after the session. The session is repeated or terminated at certain intervals, depending on the effect that occurs after 15 days.

Application Effects

This process, which is a kind of radiofrequency application, is based on the logic of stimulating subcutaneous tissues like other aesthetic applications that have been popular recently. In this way, collagen production will increase in the stimulated parts and the regulations of the adipose tissue of the skin will be realized. Moreover, these adjustments will be made by the skin with its own natural texture. Here, only a certain amount of instant heat will be given under the skin. Regional collagen stimulation will occur thanks to the heat given under the skin. The first procedure people apply for acne problems is cosmetic products. Patients trying to get rid of this problem with various cosmetic products achieve a certain level of satisfaction. This satisfaction is generally valid for superficial acne problems. However, these applications will not work for acne problems with the cystic structure.

Thanks to Acne Treatment (Agnes), which is a non-surgical aesthetic method, your skin will be healthy with your soul. Because people with acne problems have a more difficult process than other skin problems. Because such problems are often not possible to cover with cosmetic products. Even if the discolorations caused by acne are covered in some way, unfortunately, the roughness on the skin surface cannot be camouflaged. In some cases, although smoothness is obtained thanks to intense concealers, it is not possible to use these concealers daily. In the treatment of Agnes acne, an additional drying process is carried out by entering these cystic structures.

Is Acne Treatment Safe for Pimples?

Although it seems like a simple apnea treatment in the first place, when it comes to health, the procedure to be applied is not the smallest one. Therefore, patients may justifiably hesitate. Patients who want to benefit from acne treatment first investigate whether this application is safe or not. The application is based on the logic of giving radiofrequency energy to the spotty tissue with the help of microneedles. During the application, there is no damage to the upper layer of the skin. The area addressed here is the subcutaneous tissue of the skin directly. However, even if the intervention is in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, the needles used are micro-sized. Therefore, it has a very thin appearance.

Thanks to the application that emerged after clinical studies, many people get rid of permanent acne problems in the long term. The radiofrequency system used in this system is an FDA-approved device. Since the person who will perform the application is a physician in this field, it is not possible to encounter any problems. This application is effective not only in the treatment of acne but also in the treatment of various problems that may occur around the eyes. People who have a busy life are also curious about the side effects that may occur after the application. In this regard, patients can receive service with peace of mind. Because there are no intensive side effects that will disrupt the social life of the patients. This is one of the appreciated advantages of the system. Overcoming this process with mild rashes for a short time is extremely pleasing to patients.

(Agnes) Acne Treatment Prices

Just as the acne problem bothers every person, the price ranges of the solutions developed in the same way make every patient curious. There may be fluctuations in price tariffs as developments occur in the solution offers in the field of aesthetics and medicine. Although it is thought that higher wages will be encountered especially when the treatment methods first enter the sector, this opinion is not quite correct. Because application prices generally progress in direct proportion to time. Because, many materials used in this field are purchased in foreign currency and it is not possible to decrease the foreign currency, especially in the following period, there is usually not much discount in price tariffs. Of course, campaigns put forward at certain periods can comfort the patients. However, regardless of the increase in question or the uniform price tariff, it is the patients who will profit after the application. Because when it comes to health, no financial response is a criterion for this.

Also, when you consider the cheap drugs used in stubborn acne problems, it will be seen that serious payments are made in the long term because the desired effect does not occur. With Agnes acne treatment, you will benefit from a much more economical solution with the pimples you will get rid of in one go. Also, as you know, it is not a high-limit procedure as you think it is a single session application. However, as you always say, the price tariff varies depending on the person and the problem.