7 tips to protect skin health in cold weather

By | 3 March 2021

7 tips to protect skin health in cold weather

In the winter months, cold air, wind, heater, and electric stove use and airless environments negatively affect skin health. Among the most common skin ailments in winter; Problems such as dryness, flaking, eczema, and psoriasis on the skin are in the first place.

1- moisten the rooms

Due to the cold weather in winter, crowded areas such as homes, workplaces, shopping centers, and public transportation vehicles are generally not ventilated sufficiently. These areas, which are heated by air conditioning, electric stoves, and heaters, cause the skin to dry and crack by losing moisture. This can also trigger different types of eczema. To prevent this, room humidifiers can be used in indoor and airless environments. A wet towel or water can be placed on the heater, such as a heater, and the environment can be ventilated at certain times of the day.

2- Apply a moisturizing cream to your skin.

Moisturizing creams, gels, or oily soaps can be used in areas where the winter is hard to prevent drying and cracking on the skin. The person should apply moisturizing cream as soon as they notice dryness on their hands on the road, in the bus, in the subway, or in the office.

3- Do not use alcohol-containing tonics

People with dry skin type should never use the alcohol-containing tonic. Products with this structure may cause itching, dryness, and infection by removing the bacterial protection layer on the skin. Also, the skin can be cleansed with lotions that do not contain soap.

4- Pay attention to a healthy diet

It is known that healthy eating also has important effects on the skin. Omega-3 enhances the effect of skincare, so fish should be consumed twice a week. Vegetables and fruits specific to the winter season should be preferred, and dried legumes should be added to the menus. Healthy nutrition provides the balance of vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated oils that the skin needs and gives the skin a shine.

5- Do not take a long hot bath

During the cold winter months, a hot bath starts to destroy the oil balance of the skin after 20 minutes on average. Therefore, the temperature of the water should be lowered and the bath time should be kept under 20 minutes. Also, moisturizing creams can be applied to the body after bathing.

6- Keep your lips moist too

Lip is the area most susceptible to dryness since it does not produce oil. Therefore, especially those who complain of dry lips can use products called ‘balm’ and apply moisturizing cream before going to bed at night.

7- Prepare for the summer now

Winter is the best season for dermatological procedures. Because it should not be exposed to sunlight after skin applications. People with blemishes, wrinkles, sagging problems on their skin can apply to a dermatologist and have the appropriate procedures done during this period.