By | 1 March 2021

“Why can’t I lose weight?” If you are asking the question, there may be 5 possible answers.

Everyone has a history of weight loss during such a period in their lives. You train a lot, eat healthily, but the scales still tell you something is wrong. If the number on the scale doesn’t change no matter what you do, there may be a few basic reasons for this.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

1. German you may be consuming more calories than necessary

Just because you eat a healthy diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to keep track of calories. Calories are calories. Unfortunately, weight loss is not possible as long as you get more than your body needs. You can even gain weight.

You can make it easier to track calories by writing down what you eat. You can keep control by writing down each meal, portion size, even grams if possible. If you don’t beat your calorie target, it will be much easier to reach your weight loss goal!

2.You may forget to do cardio

Cardio exercises increase the heart rate and our body starts to burn fat only when our heartbeat accelerates. It may be good for you to include cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, and cycles in your training program. You can support your cardio with weight training. While this helps you burn fat, it also helps you warm up.

3.You may forget to drink enough water

People often overlook how important it is to drink water. Drinking water is important not only to prevent you from being dehydrated but also because it helps you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. You can help yourself to make a rule of drinking water, you can consume 1-2 glasses of water every time you feel thirsty, start your day with water when you wake up in the morning and drink water 15 minutes before each meal.

4. You may not be paying attention to your liquid calories.

Thinking it is a latte macchiato, the drinks you drink may be returning to you at least 130-150 calories. Let’s assume that you drink 3-4 glasses a day from this. This can cause you to eat more calories as it is difficult to keep track of it because it is liquid. For example, if you replace the latte with a plain filter coffee, it will give you the same energy and reduce the calories you take in at the same time.

5.You may be setting yourself unrealistic goals.

Most of us can set goals that are very difficult to achieve. The process of losing weight is a process that requires effort, effort, and time. These processes and factors may vary for each individual. Variables such as health conditions, age, and weight make the process of each individual unique.