11 myths about skin health

By | 3 March 2021

11 myths about skin health

Even people with the most flawless skin health can occasionally tighten their acne, sleep with make-up, or express that they owe the beauty of their skin only to peeling. These small mistakes may not cause serious problems on the skin in the short term, but when they are repeated continuously, it may become inevitable to see their effects on the face.

Skin health also affects general health

A well-groomed skin is very important not only for aesthetics but also for general health. Having a complex and versatile structure, the skin is a valuable layer that fulfills numerous basic functions of the human body. Thanks to the skin, our internal organs are protected against damage that may come from outside. Due to the strength of its tissue, the skin acts as a shield that protects the body against microbes.

The skin is the mirror of the body. Problems in internal organs first manifest themselves on the skin. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of the skin. However, sometimes many mistakes about the skin are known to be true due to information pollution. Incorrectly applied products or some information believed to be correct adversely affect skin health and therefore life.

Myths about skin health it should be acted with expert advice instead of traditional practices

When faced with skin problems, the opinion of a dermatologist should be sought instead of looking for personal solutions with hearsay information. Some of these wrong practices and beliefs are listed as follows.

“Scrubbing increases dead skin”: WRONG!

It is suitable when it is in the amount of scrubbing. When applied excessively, it irritates the skin and causes redness; can be inconvenient for dry skin.

Peeling should be applied frequently: WRONG!

Peeling procedures are useful in removing dead skin, but different products are used for different skin types. Frequent peeling applications can do more harm than good. Since some creams have peelers in them, peeling or rubbing of those who use these creams can cause skin irritation.

A solution can be found with herbs for open wounds on the skin: WRONG!

If there is an open wound or inflammatory formation on the skin, a doctor should be consulted. If this formation is not treated, the infection can spread throughout the body and bring worse results.

It is necessary to squeeze pimples: WRONG!

It is not correct to dry pimples by squeezing. Because this application provides an increase in acne and leaves a mark on the skin.

Scratch the ringworm and apply garlic: WRONG!

In the problem of hair breakage, it is absolutely not necessary to scratch the area and apply garlic. This process infects the area and damages the hair follicles. In this case, a doctor must be visited.

Do not apply sunscreen in cloudy weather: WRONG!

Sunscreen should also be used in cloudy weather. It should not be forgotten that the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause skin or increase spots even in closed summer weather.

Do not apply moisturizer to oily skin: FALSE!

Oily skin also needs moisture. Those with oily skin should prefer water-based products.

The more the face is washed, the better: WRONG!

Washing the face too often can upset the sebum balance of the skin. In cases where the sebum balance in the skin cannot be achieved, the skin becomes unprotected against external factors, which causes the skin to dry.

Tape to the blackhead is very effective: FALSE!

It is not possible to get rid of black spots with only tape application, it is known that the tapes are partially effective.

Pores are opening and closing: WRONG!

There is no such thing as opening or closing in the pores. Pores are related to the skin structure, generally more prominent on oily skin, and can be compressed with some products.

Perfect skin is genetic heritage: WRONG!

Although the skin structure is shaped by genetic features, it will wear out quickly if basic care such as cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection is not done.